How to decorate a Christmas Tree

Here we go
It's Christmas season.
The malls are all decked out in Christmas fashion. The traditional huge 50 foot tree, the dazzling lights and the not so subtle Christmas SALE does the mood for the big day.

It looks like hard work
We always celebrated this occasion as it signifies the coming of Christ. It is time for us to put a little festive cheer into our humble abode.

Helping out
Our Christmas tree is stored in the storeroom. It has been with the family for about 10 years ( yes it is older than us!) Yet it is still sturdy and reliable. We love the way it looks tree like. Definitely a good investment made for the family.

First off, we had to place all the stalks in place. The stalks are colour coded, so putting them on the tree its a breeze


We did our best to help out. But given our height limitation , the above is all we could do. Daddy had to finished up putting the whole tree in place.


We are most exciting by decorating the tree.
The first item to be on the tree is the lights. From experience, placing the lights first is a must. If it was to be place later, the other decorations will be in the way.
We started off by placing our Merry Christmas sign (which we got from a log cake some years ago) and some angels.

Christmas Ball
Next up it the Christmas balls . We choose a red and gold theme. We love the warm colours of the theme as it goes well with our surrounding. Choose a colour scheme that blends with the house. You want it to look natural and not to look like it comes out from a circus.

We added some flowers. Our tree is about 6 feet tall and our 10 flowers are sufficient to cover the whole trees. The flowers are available from shopping malls in a bunch. You need to cut them into individual stalk to place them n the trees.

Acorns and angels
Some little decoration pieces such as acorns does make the trees more realistic

Mini Tree
Don't forget that personal touch...

The Star

As a tradition, the star goes up last on the tree. The star signifies the Star of Bethlehem or Christmas Star that lead the shepherds to baby Jesus at the manger.

The Unveiling

Our tree was done up in about an hour. We would most likely keep the tree there till year end.

Our Christmas Tree
Now all we need are presents to complete the tree ...

And we received our first one from Sentosa over the weekend!

Our first present

It's less than a month to Christmas , have you put up your tree?

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