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Sentosa Playcation with Playmobil

Playmobil@Sentosa Playcation
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Sentosa introduce a new term into our vocabulary


Sentosa playcation was launched on 24th November.We were invited to the opening day to partake in the event. Hearing that Playmobil was the featured icon of Sentosa playcation, Daddy readily agreed to this invite as he wanted to use us to relive his childhood memories introduce us to Playmobil.

Playmobil was Daddy's main choice of toys in the 70s ( yeah, Daddy is ancient). Playmobil was founded in 1974, the same year when our Daddy was created. Back then before the era of iPads, playmobil was the toy of choice for stay home kids.

Boys discovering playmobils

However since the turn of the century, other toys and gadgets had since replace its roles in little boys heart. We were not formally exposed to playmobil and this would be a great introduction to the 70s for us.

So without further ado, the Wacky Duo landed in Sentosa!

Wanted in Sentosa!

The Event

We headed straight to Palawan beach where most of the Playcation action takes place. We were in awed by the giant Playmobils that line up the open space at the ship hull next to POLW ( it's near the location of the Beach car park). Daddy did not tell us his toys were this big when he was small. We wondered how he could play with these large size Playmobils during his time.

Palawan Beach near POLW

There was a castle build at the ship base where Captain Palawan and the pirate do battle. It feels like a scene right out of Pirates of the Carribean. One of our favorite pirate shows.

Castle in POLW

We wasted no time gaining entry to the castle. Our intention is to defend in the castle against intruders at all cost!

Castle Defenders

To be honest we are actually more interested in the mini playground behind the facade of the castle. This is a mini size climbing play area that should appeal to kids 2 to 6.

The Castle playground

Amazing there is even a slide at the side. We were pleasantly surprise at how such a small space can be maximize for fun. The play area should hold about 8 kids comfortably at any one time.


Further into the Playmobil exhibits, we stumbled upon the Playpit. We discovered that Playmobil comes in play size models as well!

Playpit Castle

We loved the idea of the Playpit. It allows us to get up close and personal with Playmobils. We were attracted to the knights and castle and spend some time playing with them. Although Playmobil is new to us, we warm up to them relatively fast and wasted no time in role playing with them.

Daddy I think we found our Christmas presents...

I want to play too!
The play area at Palawan Beach is about the size of half a football field. We recommend that you be there during activities time from 230pm to 8 pm. Be warned, the weather is quite hot so dress like you are going to the beach!

Playmobil invaded Sentosa

We stayed in the area for about 1 and a half hour including time spend for the activities. The good news is that most of these activities are free!

This is a great experience for Playmobil fans and kids who would like to be introduced to them.

Protect your fort!

Playcation @ Sentosa Venues and Events

Palawan Beach
  • Fun Displays
24 Nov to 30 Dec; whole day
Playmobil displays with four different themes: Fire Rescue & Police Chase, Magic Castle, The Knight’s Fort, Pirate’s Treasure Cove, *Collectors’Corner.

Great place for photo opportunities with the life size Playmobils.

Fire Rescue & Police Chase
*collectors’ theme changes every two weeks

  • Activities
24 Nov to 30 Dec; 2.30pm to 8.00pm.
Storytelling Comes Alive, The Playmobil Challenge, Boogie with Captain Palawan.

We participated in the Playmobil Challenge which is treasure hunting for the day's challenge.

Playmobil Challenge
  • Meet-and-Greet
Thursday to Sunday; 2.30pm to 8.00pm.
Interact and take pictures with the Playmobil mascot & Captain Palawan. I took mine with the pirate from Playmobil.

Playmobil Pirate
  • Play Pit
24 Nov to 30 Dec; whole day.
Play with Playmobil figurines at the play pit. Limited to 10 mins per child, but if there is no one around, you would most likely get to play to your heart content.

  • Playmobil Bazzar
Time: 2.30pm - 8.30pm daily Don’t missed the Playmobil bazaar and bring home the latest Playmobil advent calendar series – Pirates Treasure Cove! Exclusively at Sentosa!

* Free Playmobil LE Figurine with min. spend of $20 on Playmobil products in a single receipt at Sentosa, Action Toyz, Kidz Story, and other participating retailers in Singapore, while stocks last!

Playmobil Bazzar
Other activities at Palwan beach includes story telling comes alive, the puppet master musical, rhythm and senses , little hands and minds workshops, boggie with Captian Palawan and special activities at POLW. For full listing, visit the Sentosa Playcation website here

Merlion Plaza

  • Playmobil Santa's sleigh @ Merlion Plaza
Time: All day
Other than Palawan Beach, the action continues at the Merlion Plaza. Come ride on Santa’s sleigh at the interactive photo-point or snap a shot with the walkabout characters if you see them! Be nice and you may be rewarded with a candy cane.

A special thanks to Sentosa for the invitation. Thanks for the little gifts too!

The Wacky Duo was invited to the launch of Sentosa Playcation. No monetary rewards are received. All opinions are of our own.

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