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IKEA : Kids room inspired by Kids

IKEA Tampines
Product Review

A few months ago, we had a mini makeover for our study room with a new study table and shelves. We reckon the area could be spice up with a few choice items from Ikea. It's off to another trip to IKEA Tampines to find items that will enhance the visual appearance of the room.

Our Haul from IKEA
Daddy gave me a free rein to choose items which I think can make the room more colourful. I will be focusing on my shared study/bedroom with Louis . Our room theme is currently on a basic black and white palette. We feel that adding more colours to our room will make it visually stimulating and will lit the room up in cheery tones. In addition I am task to seek items that are functional and useful to us.

Goodies from IKEA ** change this to add the holders minus the plates
The items we bought

  • Vaggis Noticeboard (SGD 9.90 )
  • Smila Stjarna Wall Lamp (SGD 11.90)
  • Smila Mane Wall Lamp ( SGD 11.90)
  • Kusiner Box (SGD 16.90)
  • Krokig Clothes Stand (SGD 49.9)
  • Outdoor Mini Plant Holders(SGD 0.9)
Since it is Christmas time , we decided to add some items to set us in a festive mood.

  • Julmys Decoration balls (SGD5.90)
  • Julmys Hanging Decorations (SGD5.90)
Lou decides to help
Since most of the items does not require assemble, we willingly volunteer to help with the decorations. Our first step was to rip off remove all the wrappers!

Mammut Table(not available) and Chairs (SGD 19.9)
As our room furnishings are mostly from IKEA, the items we bought would compliment our existing fixtures.
Given that we can spend hours playing at IKEA children section ; a room that reminds of of IKEA would be a boon for us. That means we can import the play experience in our own room.

Handy boys
  • Kusiner boxes
We were attracted by the colourful Kusiner boxes that comes in a package of 3 boxes in blue, orange and green. I helped Daddy arranged the boxes.on the study shelves. The boxes will be great for knick knacks and occasional arts and craft materials. The numbered boxes will also allow us to store our items accordingly. Functional and visually attractive, this Kusiner box is a great mobile storage alternative for us.

Arranging the Kusiner boxes
  • Krokig Clothes Stand
Next up is the Krokig clothes stand. We got this stand because it suited our initial criteria of both functional and colourful. This item requires assembly. Since Daddy say I am a big lad now , I was allowed to help in the assembly process. We took time to read the instructions before we proceed on my first hands on assembly of IKEA furniture.

The assembly was not as complicated as we thought. There are no screws to use. It is mainly a task of screwing the poles in place follow by arranging the clothes hanger. In less than half and hour , we got the Krokig clothes stand up and working.

The assembly process
When it was done, I thought Daddy had bought me a new toy and proceed to do some 'pole-dancing'

Pole Dancer?
I soon realised that it is meant for clothes that I would otherwise toss around on the bed or floor. Having a clothes stand make the room tidier and keeps our clothes in place.

  • Mala Easel and storage
We had the Mala Easel (SGD29.90) for sometime now. It is a double sided board ( white board and chalk board) for writing. I had fully utilised it as it is my 'Spelling' board where I write my spelling words while Daddy narrates.


We decided to get some outdoor mini plant holders to double up as storage bins to place around the Mala Easel for our markers, chalks and brushes. The Easel does come with a panel for such items, but we feel that this inexpensive option will better organise our writing tools.

Malam Easel and Storage
  • Simla wall lights
We were attracted by the bright and colourful lights from the IKEA Showroom. we thought this would make a great night light by our beds. We were so eager to put it up on the wall, however we did not realised that we need light bulbs as well!

This warrants another trip to IKEA , but we are not complaining as it allows us to re-visit our favourite furniture store.

Smila Wall Lights
  • Vaggies noticeboard
We had bought a vaggie noticeboard for use in our first studyroom makeover. We loved it so much that we decided to get another as we had ran out of space for the first. Now I have got more space for my favourite photos, drawings and events listing.

Vaggies Noticeboard
Our mini IKEA Showroom

We love how the little fixtures complete the look of the room. In fact 90 % of the furniture for the room are from IKEA. Take a peek at our mini IKEA showroom

Mini IKEA showroom
A Christmas touch
Since Christmas is coming , Daddy was inspired by the Christmas decorations sold in IKEA. He decided to get a few items from the Julmys range to add a little festive cheer into our room.

Christmas is coming!
For more festive decorations and to be inspired, Daddy recommends you visit the IKEA store at Tampines to view their ideas for this season. You could almost feel the snow in the midst of the Christmas decorations.
Visit here to see their full range of Christmas goodies
Do check here for availability as well!

Festive ideas from IKEA
From Mammut to ODDA
We were so amour by the range offered by IKEA that Daddy thinks we should embark on another makeover. This time we will be focusing on beds.

Mammut Bed
We had the Mammut range of beds, Unfortunately it had been underutilised as we had grown too big for it.

In addition, we need to find a bed that fits the both of us as we intend to bunk in the same room. I had always wanted a double decker bed to save space, but unfortunately our home ceiling is not high enough. Daddy toy with the idea of 2 single beds, but this may limit our play area in the room. In our visit to IKEA, we spotted this option from Odda.

We love how it resemble a Sofa and at the same time transform to two single beds when we are ready to sleep. With a hidden storage from the headboard, we feel that this would be perfect for us when we are ready to sleep on our own.

We will KIV this idea for our next trip to IKEA.

Odda Bed
With this we conclude our mini revamp of our room. We hope you enjoy the ideas and do consider including your children in the process of decorating the room. We had a blast and we are certain that they will enjoy the experience as well.

Be prepare for a messy good time!

The Little Details

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10am-11pm daily

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Thanks you IKEA!
Ikea had provided some items for review and use as part of IKEA Favourite Blogger initiative. No monetary rewards were received. All opinions are of our own


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