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Marina Bay Singapore Countdown 2013 : Official Blogger

 Tick tock, tick tock...

The year is winding down. We are in the final month of 2012.
In the risk of sounding cliche, the year passes by us in a blink of an eye as we countdown to the final stretch of 2012. The year passes us in breakneck speed. Like the idiom goes ' Time flies when you're having fun!'

For many, the month of December is one where we start to wind down and take stock. The deadlines and targets of 2012 will now take a backseat. December is a time for most to relax and recharge.The holidays taken during this period does set the mood to unwind.

Goodbye 2012...

It is also the time for the Biggest countdown party in town. once again Marina Bay will be the place to be for the countdown to 2013. Get ready to welcome the New Year in the most anticipated celebration that is set to be one of Singapore mainstay event for years to come. Enjoy the fringe events in this month, leading up to the actual countdown itself all at and around the now iconic Marina Bay.

The theme for this year celebration is Gratitude. We ask the question : 

What are you grateful for?

With our fast-paced lifestyle and ever-evolving expectations, we sometimes lose sight of what we have or had been bestowed upon. Many times, we forgot to enjoy the fruits of our labour and to give thanks for what we had achieved. There are times when we enjoyed the chase but yet failed to acknowledge the people behind the success. It's time we shed our facade of toughness and to remember the importance of gratitude.
Join us at the countdown!
This year this event will hold a special place in our hearts. has been selected as an official blogger of Marina Bay Countdown. As official bloggers, we get all-access passes to the activities leading up to the main event. As a parenting journal, we aim to share tips on how you could enjoy the events as a family. We seek to bring you the exclusive news, events updates, behind the scenes features, countdown tips and last but not least the main event - Marina Bay Singapore Countdown 2013.

It is our privilege to share these experiences as our way of giving back to the community. In doing so, we wish these experiences will remind everyone to be thankful for your personal achievements and to celebrate the positivity of a New Year ahead ~ filled with new possibilities and hope. A special thanks to URA and Esplanade for this opportunity to be part of the celebration.

Let the countdown begin!
Hello, 2013!

Marina Bay Countdown 2013
Without further ado, we give you a sneak peek to what you can expect for this epic odyssey ahead.

  • Pre Countdown Event: Wishing Sphere Project 
 30 Nov -16th Dec Various timings, Locations of wishing stations 

The New Year brings new hopes and wishes. The coming of the new year means new resolutions , new dreams, new aspirations and new beliefs. As the year comes to a close, Marina Bay invites everyone to open their New Year wishes on wishing spheres located at 27 wishing locations islandwide. Wishing locations can be found in malls, Esplanade, libraries, schools, URA centre and more. Fret not if you could not make it to the station, as you can make your wishes online. You can even share your wishes on Facebook thereafter.

There will be 20,000 spheres floating on the waters of Marina Bay -the Bay of Hope and Light. We will bring you to the heart of the installation process in the coming weeks.

  •  Send a Wish Card 
It's the time of the year where we show our thanks and appreciation to our love ones and those who had made an impact on our lives. Send them a personalised wish card to show that they are in our thoughts and wishes. 

  • Photography Contest
Are you an avid photographer?

The theme for this year Marina Bay Singapore countdown photography competition is " Loving you, Loving Marina bay"
Image copyright: Marina bay
Let your creativity flow. Captured the skyline, fireworks, sphere installation, people and events around Marina on New Year's Eve... the options are limitless. 

And if you have the photo that can capture the emotion of the theme, OSIM will pamper you with prizes such as uSoffa Runway, uPhoria, uPapa Music Sync and uPixie. Get ready to snap now

First Prize: uSoffa Runaway worth $3088
  • Fringe Activities
What do you do before the countdown? 
This year, 6 fringe activities will set your hearts pumping. Party the night away with events that cater to crowds of all ages. Get ready to be immersed in a cauldron of light, music, food  and vision.

31 Dec 2012, 10pm – 1am, Free admission 
Marina Bay Waterfront Promenade 
*Family Friendly*
14-31 Dec 2012, various timings
Esplanade Concourse/Outdoor Theatre
*Family Friendly*
31 Dec 2012,10pm -1am
The Promontory

31 Dev 2012 , Time to be advised, Free admission
Marina bay Waterfront Promenade
*Family Friendly*
31 Dec 2012, Mon, 5pm–2am
Marina Bay Waterfront Promenade 
 *Family Friendly*

31 Dec 2012, Mon, 7.30pm–3am
The Float @ Marina Bay 
Tickets@ $25 available at
  • The Countdown Event
 There will be 2 main highlights for the countdown event. 

Film Screening: What are you grateful for?
31 Dec 2012, Free Admission, various timing
Esplanade Outdoor Theatre   
A 4-part film titled What are you grateful for ?, is about how ordinary people's lives have been changed by gratitude. It shows the different perspectives of people involved in the Countdown in one way or another. The film will also feature short interviews with people on the street about what gratitude means to them.

Film screening timings at Esplanade Waterfront:
7.40pm - 8.05pm 
 8.45pm - 9.10pm 
 9.50pm - 10.15pm

Image copyright : Marina Bay
31 Dec 2012 ,midnight, free admission
Esplanade Waterfront & Marina Bay Waterfront Promenade, Free admission

Watch the spectacular 8 minutes long fireworks. The music score is written by Cultual Medallion winner, musician and composer Mr Iskandar Ismail. It  will showcase strong Southease Asian influences including traditional musical instruments such as erhu, souna, Malay percussion instruments and Indian Flute
The fireworks choreography, designed in tandem with the music, has three high level firing sites to represent the northern and southern hemispheres, separated by the equator. Watch as 200-metre low-level fireworks weave together with water to form a visually stunning "Giant Wave".

Those who are not present at Marina Bay can join in the celebration which will be broadcast live on Channel NewsAsia and the music played on MediaCorp radio station Symphony 92.4FM.

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Let the countdown begin!

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