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Jacob Ballas Children Garden turns 5!

Jacob Ballas Children's Garden
Jacob Ballas Children's garden has turn 5!
They celebrated this event with a Carnival on 18th November

5th anniversary Carnival
It has been a while since we step into Jacob Ballas Children's Garden. Since we had an invitation courtesy of  Sengkang Babies, we decided to was the perfect excuse to explore the gardens in this carnival atmosphere. Read all about Sengkang Babies experience here.
Louis & WenXin (Sengkang Babies)
We were greeted by the iconic tree sculpture when we reached entrances. Scores of stalls selling food, clothes , balloons and even plants greeted us near the entrance.

Tree Sculpture @ Entrance
We were all rearing to go and even bought our scooters out to explore the gardens. Unfortunately due to the large crowds, we had to embargo our scooters for the day.

No scooter allowed!
Armed with a booklet that has $50 worth of vouchers, we set off into the lush gardens to explore and play. Our first stop is the El Paso train meant for kids 5 and under. Surprisingly Kor Kor decided not to ride this. As for me, any train rides is always welcome in my play agenda.
El Paso Train
Next up was the coconut swing. We love the carnival atmosphere bought into the Gardens. It certainly adds colours and activities for kids in the gardens. Most of the activities we observed are from Uncle Ringo's. If you are planning events for kids, you may consider renting some of the play equipments from them.
Coconut Tree
We spotted what we reckoned was the inspiration for the Supertrees at Gardens by the Bay.

Giant Mushrooms
It was fun exploring the existing attractions in JB children's gardens. We love crossing the swaying bridge and exploring the Waterfalls. However, even at 5 years old, the garden is showing its age. We are glad that the proceeds from this carnival will go towards the new Jacob Ballas Children's Garden Extension that will help the kids connect with nature.
Exploring the Gardens
The biggest hit for kids would probably be the tree house. I lost count of the number of times Kor Kor took this slide. We hope this tree house will still be around when the improvement for the garden starts.
Tree House
Daddy also attempt to educate us on the fruits around the garden.We learn today that Banana is not a plant but a huge giant herb.... yeah we bet you do not know this as well.
An education on Plants
We carried on our carnival games with pony rides. We absolutely enjoy our first pony rides experience.
Pony Rides
Next it is indoor for some Canon fun. There are magic shows as well as story telling, but due to time and cost, we decided to give that a miss.

Canon Gallery
Overall it was good fun, there were bouncy castles, ballon structures, yummy treats from Sushi Tei, Hard rock Cafe, Ramles Burgers, Casa Verde and many more stalls that line up inside and outside the garden. We could not enjoy it all but we certainly had fun on those we selected.
Other fringe activities
We also like the nature part of the visit. We literally explore every nooks and crannies of the Garden. Kor Kor even explored inside a tree!

Hollow Tree
After play, it is time for us to sit and enjoy our popcorn and candy floss. Wonderful treats to end a relaxing day.
Popcorn and Candy Floss
It took us the whole morning to explore and play in the gardens. Luckily for us, the shady surrounding does its part in protecting us from the notorious morning Sun

The map of Jacob Ballas
We did a quick look at the playground. Somehow the structure does not look too playable. We hope the extension could include a much needed update on the playground as well.

The playground
Nevertheless we feel that Jacob Ballas Children's garden still need to maintain its natural charm and also wish for this to be retain in the improvement to the gardens.

Nature @ Jacob Ballas
We had an enjoyable and fulfilling morning in the gardens. We would be back once the extension is complete!

The Little Details
Jacob Ballas Children's Garden
481 Bukit Timah Road
Singapore 259769
Opens to Children under 12. Adults to be accompanied by a child for admission!

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