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Osim : Small massager series

OSIM : The Small massager Series with Kimberly Chia
Marina Bay Singapore Countdown 2013

As one of the Marina Bay Singapore Countdown 2013 Official Blogger, we were invited to sample a few choice products from OSIM, the official prize sponsor for the Countdown Photo Contest.

We were allocated the small massager series which consist of 3 products, uRelax, uPebble and uCozy for trail.The small massager series can be set up on any chair or sofa. You need to have a power outlet available so the products can run. We decided to set up the products at our cozy family room.
Osim Small Massager Series-Sofa Excluded
The trio of small massage series compliments each other to give you a neck-to-toe massage. Compact in design, these portable devices can be use at home, in the office or even in cars.It will turn any chair or sofa into a bonafide massage chair making this series a portable solution for limited spaces at home.

u Relax
The first one up for review is the uRelax back massager.
With uRelax, you can transform any chair in the house to be a massage chair.
  • Shiatsu massage : Massage simulating the kneading action of a masseuse's hands for deep tissue relief.
  • Swing massage : Move in continuous swivel motion to east away aches and stiffness.
  • Rolling massage : Glides along the curves of the back to stretch the muscles.
  • Vibration massage : Ease tensions and fatigue in the lower body.
  • Soothing heat : Helps improve circulation and enhance the massage benefits.
Relaxing with uRelax
The device is so easy to use and comfortable that even a 5 year old boy( aka me!) can operate. In addition, you can even use uRelax in the car with a car adaptor. This will bring you a comforting massage even on the roads.


A device inspired by reflexology walking path . uPebble provides you a stimulating reflexology experience anytime, anywhere.
No need for reflexology paths
  • Dual Directional massage nodes activate vital reflex points on the soles to benefit corresponding organs.
  • Versatile design to relieve aches and tensions in feet, ankles, calves, arms or palms.
  • Auto massage programmes for quick and effective relief for muscle aches and strains.
Pampering feet with uPebbles

As mention earlier, uPebble does more than just pampering the feet. See illustration for other uses of uPebble. It may be small in size, but it is big on functions.

uPebble - Multiple usage

To complete the experience we have the uCozy which will target the neck and shoulders. With this, it will complete the neck-to-toe massage experience.
  • Soothing Kneading massage : It's dual directional kneading action ease tense and aching muscles on the neck and shoulders.
  • Comforting warmth : Warmth function improves circulation and loosen tense knotted muscles caused by stress, enhancing the massage effectiveness.
  • Portable delight : Lightweight and operates at a touch of a button brings you convenient whenever you wish.
Get cozy with uCozy
This device is a godsend for both Mummy and Daddy. They spend countless hours in front of their computers during their work . Often then not, they keep complaining about stiff necks an insist that I give them a neck massage. With this , I can conserve my energy and my parents can have an effective neck and shoulder massage which they badly needed.

The products are available at most OSIM outlets. The retail price are as follow
OSIM uRelax : Introductory price $188 (up $238)
OSIM uPebble : Introductory price $88 (up $208)
OSIM uCozy : Introductory price $138 (up $188)

The OSIM products are great for use. OSIM names all its product beginning with u, as it is truely about your comfort at the end of the day. Like me , they are small in size, but big on pleasure!

It is a pity that we had to return this after the review (hint hint OSIM).
Small in Size, Big on Pleasure
For more information on uRelax, uPebble and uCozy, please visit OSIM facebook page - www.facebook.com/OSIMSG and website www.OSIM.com

uCozy, uPebble, uRelax

For those who would like to get your hands on some fantastic OSIM products, do submit your entries for the Marina Bay Singapore Countown 2013 photo competition

1st Prize : uSoffa Runway (worth S$3,088)
2nd Prize : uSoffa (worth S$3,088)
3rd Prize : uPhoria + uPixie (worth $1036)
5 X Merit Prizes : uPapa Music Sync (worth $1540)
People's Choice Award : uPhoria (worth $798)
Lucky Voter for People's Choice Award : uPixie (worth S$238)

From Left to Right : uSoffa, uPapa, uSoffa Runwaym uPixie, uPhoria

These high end OSIM products await those who can captured the best of the emotions of Marina Bay Singapore Countdown. Do send in your pictures via Marina Bay Countdown website

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Osim had provided the above products for review as part of the Marina Bay Singapore Countdown experience. No monetary rewards were given. All opinions are of our own


  1. Woah! This is shiokness! Love the uCozy and uPhoria most. Enjoy the massages and countdown!

    1. Too bad we could not keep them :p using it almost every day !

  2. very comfortable chair i feel very relaxed when i massage on this massage chair


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