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Raising an iPad Generation

Parenting 101

Over the weekends, I was invited to brunch over at Seb Bristo hosted by Julia Gabriel along with a group of parent bloggers. It was to be a mixture of Daddy and Mummy bloggers, but due to unforeseen circumstances, we had an all Daddies session.The daddies present were Vincent (Roaming Glass) , Winston (Dear Xander & The Blogfather), Andy (Sengkang babies) and Nick (nickpan)

The main topic for discussion is 'Raising an Ipad Generation'. Given the male dominance of the topic, one would expect that the Daddies bloggers would be pro -iPad since men are usually considered to be closet geeks. As most Daddies are exposed to technology via work or blog, such a conclusion would be inevitable.

However it was not a foregone conclusion, thankfully, otherwise, our conversations will end before it happens.

The group
From our conversations, I gathered

For technology

  • Use of technology such as iPad and iPhone are not entirely frowned upon. In fact on occasions, they were encouraged.
  • Usage allows child exposure to technology early. It teaches a child not to fear it but to embrace it.
  • Load apps that will aid the child education. Educational apps may improve speech and early learning
  • Games that encourage entrepreneurship and creative thinking are encouraged for older kids.
  • Use of iPads as a temporary break for parents.
  • The rule for usage is unanimous, use only when the parents are around and use spartanly

Against technology

  • Parents who do not allow this fear of the loss of family time and communications.
  • Kids may stumble on apps or website that may be adverse to them.
  • Overuse and over-reliant on iPad/iPhones.
  • Facebook could lead to unwanted attention.
  • Youtube is a potential Blackbox

Nevertheless, the group agrees on a few issues

  • Regardless if the technology is used, always set aside time to spend with the children.
  • Encourage outdoor play.
  • Expose children to other forms of play and activities.
  • Be an example, if you do not wish your children to be on the iPad all the time, perhaps as parents you can disconnect from your own gadgets as well
It was an interesting afternoon spend as it gives insight to different parenting style. As for me, I belong to the more liberal camp, allowing the kids to have a go at technology. It does take some effort to pry it away from them, but nevertheless, I do think exposure to it is a necessary experience.

One of the Daddy Blogger, Winston, said it best. When the computer, TV or even the radio was first introduced, parents have their qualms about the impact on child's upbringing. Since then, such technology has become commonplace and was not even a topic for discussion. As such people will always 'fear' new technology and the impact it will bring. Given time, such 'evil' devices may be a social norm and at times become a necessity in life.

I had come across this ad from Starhub along the way and I thought the message behind it is similar to our conversation. Take a look and see if you had let technology overtaken your life or you have harnessed it to enhance it.

Let us know which side you are on. 'Aye' or 'Nay' on iPads and kids?

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