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Singapore Science Centre review

Singapore Science Center
A couple of weeks ago, we decided to head west to Singapore Science Center. Given that we live in the east, a trip like this is akin to travelling 'overseas'

Singapore Science Center Entrance
The decision to choose the science center was an easy one. We love the touch and learn concept of the Science Center. Furthermore, the Waterworks at the science center is considered to be the highlight of this trip. The last time when we were here, Louis was still a teenie weenie baby and thus we had given the Waterworks a miss.

The mind's eye
We spend almost 5 hours at the Science Center as we wanted to cover as much ground as possible ( not forgetting the hour spend at Waterworks). so without further ado, we present to you a whirlwind tour of the science center. Rest assure, it would be much faster than the time we spend there

The Mind's Eye
This is the first stop through the front gate. The exhibits plays with illusion and test what your eyes really see. Most of the exhibits remain unchanged compared to a year ago. Nevertheless we had fun goofing around the exhibits. We like the fact that we could touch and explore almost every one of them. The 'magical' illusion intrigues and amuse us at the same time.

We even stumbled upon an interesting exhibit. Apparently a little piece of Singapore was on the moon. We could not vouch for its authenticity, but if it is display in the Science Center, it could be real!

Singapore was on the moon!
We took a turn to the right to the Sound hall.


The echo tube greeted us at the entrance and we wasted no time fooling around experimenting with it.We had a virtual haircut and explore other sound exhibits.

Sound Exhibit
We saw this exhibit that dance to the beat and it arouse our curiosity.

Tesla Coil Show
Before we proceed, we caught the Tesla Coil Show at the atrium. This is the signature show of the Science center. We watched in awe as 'lightning' was created by the Tesla coil. Daddy was even electrocuted in the process. It was an interesting 10 minutes performance

Lights on!
Candy unwrapped
Our next stop is at Candy Unwrapped. This is a temporary exhibit. We learn how treats like sweets could actually be bad for us ( No way!). This exhibit will close Apr 2013. the good thing about the science center is that the exhibits changes every once in a while. Thus every visit is a refreshing experience.

Candy Exhibit
Other than learning, we enjoyed playing the the Taste Bud Tango.

Taste Bud Tango
Going Wacky is an understatement here...

Next up is the Live animal exhibit. I got reacquainted with my favourite turtle. There are bugs and cockroaches on display as well. So if you are not a fan of those, beware.

We managed to catch some chicks hatching from the eggs. I guess we would have a different perspective when it comes to eating eggs now. the animal exhibits were moved from its previous location. We would have prefer the former location. Currently it seem to be a smaller exhibit compared to the past.

Insectmania Show
We caught the insectmania show (only on Sunday and Public holidays @ 2pm). We were braver than our parents as we up close and personal with the creepy crawlies.

Insectmania Show

Earth : Our Untamed Planet, Genome, iSpace, Marine Alcove

Sharks above!
We breeze though these exhibits as they are less hands on and more suitable for primary and secondary school kids. The Science center has numerous exhibits in one location. We counted at least 20 of them. it caters to a wide audience ranging from pre school to teens. So don't worry if you could not cover all of it on one visit.

Other Exhibits

It is time for lunch and we had a quick meal at the Coffee hive to fill our little tummies before we continue our exploration.

Lunch at the inhouse cafe

Lunch is still a learning experience as kor kor decided to try his hand in loading a cannon.nearby.

It's time for war!

Robotics Learning Centre
We explored level 2 after lunch. We past by a non interactive exhibit of past and possible future robotics.

Invent! It's in you

Invent! It's in you!
Next exhibit celebrate ideas and the inventive spirit. We had a blast taking some photos and seeing ourselves on the screen.

After a an hour or so, we were itching to get to the main event. We made a quick pit stop at infocomm where we take a peek into the future. In fact, some of the future is already here, such as touch screen surfaces such as tablets and pcs
This exhibit is most likely going to close in December 2012


Scientist for a Day
We headed down to Scientist for a Day and met up with scientist of the century, Mr Albert Einstein.

Hi there!
After messing around with the Vampire at the house of blood, we are all prep and ready to go for the main event.

House of Blood

It did not take us long to warm up to what could be our favourite 'exhibit at the Science center

It may sound unbelievable, but this exhibit teaches us that water is a precious resource to all living things. It is technically a hands on exhibit. As you can see, we love to get close to science and have no qualms about the hands on part. This is suppose to be a play and learn exhibit and we are rather focused on the play part.

It may not have the slides and the pools, but we manged to squeeze out every learning experiences as we could from it. We noted that this exhibit would most likely appeal to kids age 2 to 7.

The Science Center is indeed an interesting place to visit. Not only it gave us the opportunity to learn a thing or two, it also allow us to let our hair down. If you want a fun learning experience, this would be the place to visit.

The Little Details
15 Science Centre Road
Singapore 609081
Opens Daily 10 am - 6 pm

For the full range of exhibits and charges, please refer here.

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