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Skydancing by GOFLYKITE : Marina Bay Singapore Countdown 2013

Have you ever seen a skydancer?

As a Marina Bay Singapore Countdown official blogger, I get to experience the behind the scenes activities line up for the big event. Today we will take a sneak peek at one of the fringe activity for New Year Eve as I was invited to be a Sky dancer for Go Fly Kite.

Go Fly Kite @ Riverside Point
The Training
When I first heard about this preposition, I was a little bewildered and apprehensive. I was not sure how different this kite flying experience would be. How difficult can it be when it comes to flying a kite?
After all it is just a matter of tossing the kite and catching the wind.

I was told that we had to have a 3 hours long training session at the Go Fly Kite headquarters at Riverside point before we can fly the actual kite.

3 hours to learn to fly a kite? Are you kidding me??

Yep those are exactly my thoughts.
The equipment
It wasn't until I reach Go Fly Kite that I discovered that we would be practising flights on a flight stimulator! The kites are actually similar to radio control planes, except that they are in the form of kites. In this form, they are easier to manoeuvre and more crash resistant compared to the normal RC planes. Nevertheless training is necessary to learn the basic of flying and safety purposes.

We were briefed by Mr Michael Lim , the founder of Go Fly Kite who gave us a brief on Go Fly Kites history and vision. Interestingly , the kites' designs were one of the kind and designed by Michael and his team. Born and created locally, this is truly a Uniquely Singapore product.

This hobby/sport had already attracted a loyal pool of enthusiasts.
Being an ex pilot dropout trainee, I was excited about taking to the skies once more, albeit in a different form. However it is not as easy as it look. Nevertheless if you are into flight stimulator games, it may be a breeze.

It takes a few 'crashes' before I managed to get my bearings right. Flying a kite, especially an RC kite, is more challenging that one would expect.
I dropped out of the pilot course as I am more of a land creature than a bird wannabe. I am pleased that I will be flying from the ground this time. This experience should solve any residue pilot dream of mine and put out any doubts of my decision to quit to rest.

Time to reach out to the skies.
Uniquely Singapore product
We headed down to Marina Bay in the evening. Our training ground will be the open field next to Marina Bay Sands.

The Wacky Duo were there with me to witness my maiden flight. It was cooling and relaxing in the evening at the bay. Since we were there early, the boys decided it is time for time to run wild.

We caught our first glimpse of the light show from MBS at about the same time. The show was bright, but we reckon the sky will be more beautifully lit with fireworks during the Marina Bay Singapore Countdown. This is definitely the event to for in the coming weeks.
Marina Bay Sands
After some goofing around from the kids, it is time to prepare for the main event. On a sidenote, it is rather charming to be on the boardwalk from MBFC to Marina Bay at night. It was a cooland relaxing evening under the stars.
Work out at Marina Bay
It was about 9pm at night, but I am proud to say the boys were wide eyes and enthusiastic about the kites. They were even more so when they saw the kites lit up with LED lights.

Wah got lights, I also want to play!
Exclaim the firstborn.

It took much persuasion to pry the remote control from his firm hands.
Getting Ready
Maiden Flight
The RC kites that we had are light and portable. From the first look, it resembles most kites in the market. On closer inspection, you can see it fitted with LED lights, battery pack and a propeller. The one major difference from a kite is that there are no strings attached. With a propeller attached, it would mean that the sky is the limit!

No strings , no limits.

Which coincidently is the motto of GoFlyKite.
The RC Kite
The kids love how the kits dazzle the night sky. As for the flying experience, it is similar to the training in flight simulator with some exceptions. The wind, speed and darkness made manoeuvring challenging. Nevertheless the training is useful for one to get acquainted with the flight path of the kite.
Go Fly Kites in Action
Charles was a fantastic supporter. He stood by the side to watch me fly for most parts. He even offered to pick up the kite when I crashed. The sweetest moment was when I managed to stay in the sky for about 1 minute. After the kite crashed landed, he simply jump up and down and cheered for me. He was even unfazed when my expertly controlled waylaid kite decided to whizz by inches off his face.

Love you heaps son!

The loyal supporter
We were also treated to a synchronised performance otherwise known as skydancing by the trainers.
What a sight to behold! Watch the video and you would know what I mean.

The performance was nothing short of amazing. It was akin to watching a lights 'ballet' performance brightening the dark sky. There will be a bigger and brighter display during the Marina Bay Singapore Countdown 2013.

Do not miss the skydancers at the fringe event of Marina Bay Singapore Countdown 2013.
Go Daddy!
A special thanks to Marina Bay and GOFLYKITE for this opportunity to relive my flying days!
Skydancing by GOFLYKITE
The Promontory@Marina Bay
31 Dec 2012, Mon, 10pm – 1am, Free admission
GoFlyKite marries the principles of remote-controlled planes with the feather-light materials of kites and LED lights to produce a uniquely Singaporean invention. Watch in awe as these revolutionary kites soar over the Marina Bay waterfront, creating colourful configurations and bringing with them, your aspirations for 2013!

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