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Giant Pandas @ Singapore Zoo : Kai Kai and Jia Jia

Giant Panda Forest
The pandas have arrived in Singapore!
NO , we are not talking about Kungfu Panda. but the giants Kai Kai (凯凯)and Jia Jia (嘉嘉) from China.

Our exposure to date to Pandas would be the Kungfu Panda. When we would told that we would be seeing some real live panda , we are excited. Finally we could see a giant panda swinging through bamboos and showing us some kungfu chops. So you could imagine the level of our curiosity when we reach the Panda exhibit at Singapore Zoo.
Ginat Panda Forest
The 1500 Square meters Giant Panda Forest is purposely created for Kai Kia and Jia Jia. The pandas are loan to Singapore by the Chinese Government for the next day years. The pair of gentle beast have been in Singapore since September and have been receiving guests to their abode since Nov 29th 2012.

The state-of-the-art biodome is specially designed and landscaped to simulate the giant pandas' natural habitat in the rugged highlands of China.

The size of an olympic pool, this area is climate-controlled to a cool and comfortable 18° to 22°C. The Giant Panda Forest is house to golden pheasants and red pandas as well.
Master Crane
We spotted Master Crane and the Red Panda (who is in a hurry and does not want to be identified). There will be other animals in the Exhibit, but they would most likely be in during the first quarter of this year. The Giant Panda Forest will form part of the River Safari attractions at the zoo. The River Safari is a new extension with new animals exhibits in the zoo.
Red Panda
For the moment, to visit the Giant Pandas, you need to visit the main zoo. They cost an extra $5 per adult and $3 per child and you need to book time slots in blocks of 15 minutes at the zoo entrance. Since the Panda exhibit is near the entrance, we recommend that you book the slot nearer to your entrance time.
Meet the Pandas
We were taken in groups of about 200 to see the exhibit. It was rather crowded and the viewing area was not able to accomodate all at one time. Nevertheless we did catch a glimpse of Kai Kia enjoying his bamboo.
Fact : A bamboo eats up to 20kg of bamboos everyday. That is as much as 100 bowls of rice per day.
The zoo needs to plant a specify type of bamboo to cater to the Panda's diet.
Panda at Singapore Zoo : Kai Kai
Here is a video of Kai Kai enjoying his meal
Luckily for the Pandas, bamboos grow pretty fast, some as fast as 1 meters a day. The bamboos are specially planted around the Singapore zoo, Jurong Bird Park, River Safari and Night Safari to cater to the diet of the pandas.
How fast does a bamboo grow?
The Giant Pandas are considered to be endangered species numbering only about 1500 to 2000 worldwide. There are currently 200 plus living in capivity in China. There are only 27 outside China and Singapore was one of the countries that house this rare gentle giants.
Jia Jia enjoying her lunch
There is also an interactive gallery for kids to learn more about the pandas such as their growth rate and the food they eat.
Growth of the Panda
We like the Feast with Me section whereby we learn what Pandas has for lunch. Pandas eat mostly bamboos 99% of the time. However they are carnivore and the Pandas in the wild occasionally eats rodents, carrion and birds if necessary!
Feast with me
You can also pose with a Giant Panda at the gallery
Say 'Kungfu'!

We love the interactive gallery as we managed to pick up quite a bit of panda knowledge. Our parents learn a thing or 2 about pandas as well. Guess you are never too old to learn.
Paws for different purpose
However I was disappointed, I did not get to see the Kungfu masters in action. Most of the time they were sitting ad enjoying their bamboos.

They did attempt to move during our 15 minutes there

Soon our 15 minutes are up and the pandas retreated back to an area from sight. This is also our cue to exit the exhibit. It must be quite tiring for the pandas to enter and exit the compound every 15 to 20 minutes or so.
Bye Giant Pandas!
There is a souvenir shop as well as a restaurant after the exit for your shopping and diet needs.
Panda Pau
If you have time, you may like to try the Panda Pau at the MaMa Panda Kitchen. There is only a limited run of 200 paus per day when we were there.
Mama Panda Kitchen
Since the River Safari would be ready within 3 months, we recommend that you wait for the opening to experience the Panda Exhibit for a complete experience. The current addition entrance and the limited time slot does not really justify a separate visit in our humble opinion. Our intention was to visit the Zoo and the Panda Forest was a bonus for us. Do look out for our special A to Z guide on the Singapore Zoo in our future posts.

The Pandas will be with us for the next 10 years. We are sure to pay them another visit during this period!
The Little Details
Before the official open, you need to visit the Singapore Zoo before seeing the Pandas

Singapore Zoo

80 Mandai Lake Road
Tel : 65 62693411
Singapore 729826

Admission Charges
Singapore Zoo
Adults $24  $22 Child  (Age 3-12) $14

Giant Panda ( You need to visit the main zoo to qualify)
Adults $5 Child ( age 3-12) $3

The Pandas @ River Safari


  1. The Pandas are so adorable, thanks for highlighting and recommending what we should look out for when we are visiting the Giant Pandas. They are very useful information. Like your The Panda family photo :)

  2. Hey nice article, but I believe you misquoted the zoo prices. It should be $22 for Adult :)

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