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Playful Elves @ West Coast Plaza

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Ready to be transported to a magical play forest?
The Wacky Duo were invited by Alethea from Party Parlour to explore the enchanted abode housed in the wild west... West Coast Plaza

Playful Elves @ West Coast Plaza
When we were told we are going to a place for elves, the first thing that came to our mind was will there be orcs and dragons there? We had associated Elves with the Lord of the Ring what we loved and was excited by the name itself. Instead of dragons, we were greeted by a mini Harley at the entrance. We knew that this would be a different kind of magical experience and orcs will not be on site.
Mini Harley
Playful Elves is the latest indoor playground to be emerged in Singapore and probably the first in the West Coast. We are veterans of indoor playgrounds and am thrilled to be able to explore a new indoor playground. We choose to be there during an early weekday morning and had the whole playground to ourselves!
The Entrance
We have identify four play areas within playful elves. They are namely the magical forest, the bouncing castle, the Forest Race track and the mini play zone meant to little kids.
Magical Forest
Magical Forest
We first explored the Magical Forest. This is a play area that is similar to the play areas in other indoor playground. It is a fully padded 2 storey play area with slides as well as obstacles.
What makes it unique is the ball pits and cannon within the play area. It is a also the zone that we spend the most time in. There are a total of 4 cannons within the area for target shooting.
Ball Pit
Collecting balls
The Ball pit and balls are inclusive in the entrance. There is no need to pay more to enjoy the facilities. There must be something magical about the ball pit as we spend quite a while collecting the balls and dispose them in the ball bin.
Placing the balls in the ball bin
And the main reason for this continuous labour?
To catch the balls falling on our head!
Somehow we derived immense pleasure from this 3 secs of motion. Go figure...

After about 20 rounds of ball collecting , we decided to give the rest of the magical forest a spin.There were mini obstacles as well as a 3 seater slide in the area
The Slide
The slides are gentler than compared to the other playgrounds. It is suitable even for a 2 years old. At most other playground, Louis needs an adult to accompany him down the slide. For this slide, he tok it by himself with me looking after him.
Brothers at the slide
There are also a mini maze and a memory wall puzzles for toddlers
Took our attention for a whole 1 minute. It was not long before we decide to go on deeper into the magical land.
Does it go this way?
Castle in the Jungle
Bouncing Castle
This is the zone that we spend the most time in next to the Magical Forest. We just love bouncing
The Bouncing Wackies
The Bounce area is safe enough for a 2 year old kid. Check out the video, Louis can go up unassisted onto the slide.

We were told that the bouncing castles are available for rental. It will be great for kids birthday parties held outdoors or indoors ( if you have the space) Will definitely keep this on the radar for future birthday parties.
Another Slide
Forest Race Track
Forest Race Track
Ready to zoom zoom?
Now you can with the forest race track. We had earlier been to an indoor playground with cars as well. However the cars there were free to roam and could be a potential accident zone. However we like this race track as
  • The cars used does not allow it to zoom fast around the tack. It is the ' flintstone' powered kind and so tend to move slower than pedalled cars.
  • The tracks were distinct and the circular circuit does allow a mini race.
  • The area is zone and surrounded with a net. That way all cars will stay on track and you would not need to fear accidents amongst the kids.
This is probably unique in Singapore as we have not seen a similar track elsewhere in other playgrounds.
Let's go for a race!
Mini Play Area
Let's got o Sodor!
There is also a mini play area with Thomas the Train play track on a train table. Should appeal to train buffs which means most boys. There is also a mini kitchen, but from what we see, accessories are limited.
Great for young kids
The area is not too big and probably suited for younger kids or kids who wants to take a break from play. If you are looking for play for kids under 2, it is quite limited in this venue as there are no specific toddler area.
Toddlers area
Forest Cafe
Forest Cafe
For the parents who need a break, you can visit the forest cafe. You can get your hot tea and some cakes to go along with it. There is no kitchen, but there are numerous dining options just outside Playful Elves if you need a bigger meal.
The Menu
Time out
  • After a spin in the playground, we must say it is a perfect fit for us. That said, older kids may not find this challenging as the obstacles are more oriented to kids between 2 to 8. Kids below 2 may also find play limited and so be prepared to spend time with them at the forest cafe.
  • The playground is not as big as some others thus running space is limited( bigger kids may find this an obstacle as they love to run). Nevertheless this allows parents to monitor the kids from the forest cafe as it provides a 180 degree view f the happenings in the playground. Moreover CCTV images from the magical forest are also relay on the tv screen at the Forest Cafe.
  • The playground is well padded, with most of the floor, pillars and walls protected. The slide is safe enough for a 2 years old kid. The kids capacity is approved for 100, but we think 50 kids in the playground would be a better number to keep things orderly. There is also a birthday room in the premises if one chooses to host a birthday party at Playful Elves.
  • At any point of time , there will be one minder at the playground. They are not obligated to look after the kids, but from what we saw, they seem adept at it if there is a need. So if you have bigger children, you could rest assured that they are under watchful eyes. Child minding services are available for kids over 3 (subjected to T & C) . Do check with staff first before dropping off the little Elves.
  • Our parents felt it was safe enough to leave us on our own devices at Playful Elves. However do keep a watchful eye if you intend to leave your kids unattended regardless the age.
We loved our visit to Playful Elves and were reluctant to depart after our time is up. Unfortunately it is located in the West Coast and we are staying in the East Coast, otherwise we may consider membership for this venue. Nevertheless it will be added to our indoor playground list for future visits!
Play is more fun when you care and share!
The Little Details
PlayFul Elves
154 West Coast Road,
West Coast Plaza, #02-02/03/04
S (127371)

Opens daily 10am - 9pm (Last Entry at 8am)

Entry Fees:
For membership, please refer here

The Wacky Duo were given a 2 hours play for review purpose. No Monetary rewards were given and all opinions are of our own.

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