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INCANTO @ RWS : Blogger's Special review

Media Invite
Incanto : A Magical Spectacular©RWS
The invitation
An invitation came via a phone call. We were summoned by the good people of RWS to the spectacular magical INCANTO and a sneak peek at the making of the magical extravaganza in a blogger's special event. After having a wonderful experience at RWS's previous show Voyage De La Vie, we were delighted and look forward to the enchanting event.

The Show (*Spoilers alert!*)

INCANTO is the latest multi-million dollar resident show and one of Singapore's most significant production. It is staged in the Festive Grand Theatre of Resort World Singapore. Headlined by renowned illusionist Joe Labero, a three-time recipient of the Merlin Award whose shows have wowed more than 100 million audiences worldwide.

Set in a world where reality and make-believe intertwine. We are set to be spellbound by the show's death-defying illusions and astonishing acrobatic sequences, delivered by a team of award-winning producers and an international cast of 50 performers from around the globe.
It is a show about magic, death-defying stunts, music, and dance all rolled into one. The duration of the show is about 1.5 hours.

The Magic
Joe Labero, the renowned Swedish magician, has more than a bag of tricks up his sleeve. From the moment he appeared from now-where into a glass box, we were awed by the spectacular illusions. Refreshing illusions intrigued us, such as walking through a human body, seeing a woman into 10 parts and the double levitation of the magician and his subject 10 metres above the stage. Coupled with interactive magic with audiences, such as a money-changing and lighthearted dagger act, the magic amazes and delights in this show. With his engaging repertoire and double stamping of his feet (he does it very often), it's a world-class performance from the Great Sorcerer.

Billed as a magical spectacular, INCANTO is Singapore's main magic shown. So if you want to be wowed by magic, this is the show.

Joe Labero © RWS

The gravity-defying Acrobatics
Incanto is not only about magic. It is about death-defying acrobatics acts as well. The 2 main core acts are the Wheel of Death and Hoops acts. During our exclusive backstage visit, we met with the circle acts before the show. So our little preview perked our interest in this act when they appeared. They did not disappoint, especially with the final jump, where the main jumper jumped an impossible height through a hoop!
Hoops Act © RWS

The other act we were awed by is the Wheel of Death. Drawing the loudest ohs and ahs, it is performed by Shenyang acrobatic troupe. Four artists in four circular cages balance and control this 12 m tall revolving Ferris wheel. The artists work in pairs as one run and jump on the outside, and the other holds the speed by walking or running on the inside. Again, there were no strings and no safety mats. The performances were not flawless, and some were shaky, which only added to an enlightened sense of fear and delight when they completed the act.

The show had other acrobatic performances, including the synchronised trapeze performance and a rather lacklustre battle scene between good and evil towards the finale.

Wheel of Death©RWS

The Musical
Intertwined into the magic and acrobatic is a musical story. The story follows the journey of the Seeker (Oon Shu An) caught in a battle between a good sorcerer ( Joe Labero) and the master of dark art, the dungeon master ( Chad O'Brien)

Some dance numbers and vocal performances by the Seeker are incorporated into the musical. This segment could be improved as the dance routines and the musical was not as engaging as the rest of the acts. Since stage performances are constantly evolving (from what we learn from Voyage de La Vie), this segment could be improved in time.

The dungeon master could also be given more stage time. This menacing monster (sporting a muscle-bound suit) looks intriguing. However, due to their late appearances, he should be more prominent. Nevertheless, the finale, with the dungeon master slice into half by a massive spinning blade, would leave most jaws wide open.

For families with kids, note that pyrotechnics and fire are used during the performance. It can get quite loud and smokey if seated near the stage. Another thing that bothers us is the audience. To be a successful interactive musical, audience participation is essential. The audience is too gentle and reserved to give cheers when it is due. If you intend to watch the show, go with a free spirit to create an electrifying atmosphere for a great show.
The Stars of Incanto © RWS

Backstage tour
A backstage tour was conducted before the show as part of the blogger's special event. We took a peek into the making of INCANTO.

Incanto magic: Now you see it, Now you don't
The Stage
We were introduced to this massive level 1600 seater theatre. Most seats provide an unblocked view of the stage. However, we recommend Rows H upwards as the sound and smoke from pyrotechnics can be pretty loud and distracting nearer to the stage.
Stage @ Incanto
The stage is 3 storeys high. We discovered a hidden lift at the platform that brings performers 4 levels down the stage. So we were treated to a sneak preview of the hoops acts. Some of us even managed to audition for the show during the preview. The performers glided through the hoops, which took a high-speed camera to capture their movement. Unfortunately, we needed to be faster; most of them were blurry.

Hoops act previewed
A video would be better to explain the skills of the performers.

We had a group photo with the hoopers during the act.
I managed to sit on the dragon's chair during the stage tour. I was eagerly awaiting to learn a bit more about the magic of INCANTO. However, the cast remains tight-lipped, and the secret is still safe with the sorcerer.

Throne of Dragons

Next, we proceed to the rehearsal hall. Again, we were greeted by a large group of dancers practising for the show's finale.

We did not get to see Labero's Dressing room, but we did have a sneak peek into the performers' dressing room.

Joe Labero Dressing Room
This was our first time venturing into this part of the backstage. It was a dressing room that could fit 20 to 30 performances simultaneously. This is the place where makeup and hair are done. We even spotted rows of washing basins similar to a saloon in the dressing room.

Dressing room
The backstage was conducted by Ben. It took about an hour to view the props. Daddy even had some fun trying on costumes worn by the performers.

Backstage: Incanto

The Wacky Duo review

Incanto Tickets
C Say
I was excited about the magic show when Daddy told me about it a few days ago.
However, on the event day, I was tired when I reached RWS. I woke up at 8am and had 2 enrichment classes before going to RWS at 2am. , So initially, I was feeling grouchy due to being tired. Moreover, I miss Mommy, who was not with us during the performance as she was away in the US for a week.

With the Dungeon master
Thank goodness I 'recovered' in time for the performance. Overall I enjoyed the show, especially the magic performances. During the performances, I kept thinking about how the illusions were crafted and would debate with Daddy on the mechanics. Compared to Voyage De la Vie, I enjoyed this better as I was intrigued by magic. It was impressive, especially when the magician approached our seats and levitated a table above our heads!

The acrobatics performances were impressive as well. So much so that I decided to train to be part of the crew.

Cartwheel @ INCANTO

"I want to go home!"
Apologies to those seated around me; I must have chanted this line 100 times during the show.

It is not because the show was not engaging, but instead, because I have a timid heart. So amidst my feeble protest about going home, I watched the whole show and joined in the applause.

The Wacky Duo @ INCANTO
To be fair, the show was a little dark during the dance performances. Darkness, mean-looking characters, and loud booms from pyrotechnics may scare kids like me. However, I am still 2, so I am entitled to be afraid at this age. It would be better if the child is 4 and above to appreciate the show.

Nevertheless, I must have enjoyed the show as I was rehashing the magic acts when I returned home.

Incanto Stars
Many thanks to RWS for this media invitation and the exclusive backstage tour. We appreciate this generous gesture and look forward to future projects from RWS.
The Wackies@Incanto
Our final verdict of the show?
A little magic message from us...

 Magic Message: Love

The Little Details
INCANTO @ RWS Festive Grand
1 Dec 2012 - 10 Mar 2013
Mon, Thu & Fri 8:00PM
Sat & Sun 4:00PM & 8:00PM

INCANTO @ RWS Festive Grand Theatre
TICKET PRICE (Exclude Booking Fee)
Standard - S$148, S$98, S$88, S$78
Restricted View - S$48

Tickets available at

The Wacky Duo were invited to Incanto for a review and a tour. No Monetary rewards were received. All Opinions are 100% our own.

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