RWS Fans Special @ Voyage de la Vie

Voyage de la Vie- Show and Backstage tour

Voyage de la Vie

The Invitation
The Wacky Duo were invited to the RWS Fan's special Voyage de la Vie show.
We were RWS Fan of the month for June and thus was gifted this special invitation from RWS.

Fans Special @ Voyage de la Vie

Without missing a heartbeat, we gladly accepted RWS generous invitation. We missed this show during our last staycation in RWS due to the lack of time. With this show, it makes our RWS experience complete for this year.

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Our Tickets

This is my first time watching Voyage De La Vie. Kor Kor had watched it last year when he came for a staycation last year. We were excited to know that we will be having an exclusive backstage tour after the show. This is where we get to see some secrets behind Voyage de la Vie.

Me and the butterflies

Before the show started, we took the opportunity to snap a few photos. Voyage de La Vie will be ending its run on 16 July, so this would probably be the last time we could get to watch the show at the Festive Grand@RWS. A few photos to serve as mementos is fitting in this occasion.

Roaming butterfly

Family Photo
About Voyage de La Vie

In search of his destiny, a Young Man follows a wondrous red orb into a strange new world where several extraordinary characters will guide him on his Journey of Life.

Voyage de la Vie, or the 'journey of life' is the resident show of Resorts World Sentosa. It is  a multi-million dollar theatrical spectacular featuring death defying and breathtaking acts. With an international cast from 19 countries and other guest artists, this is Singapore’s longest running show with over 400 performances to date.
It features original music from homegrown composer Jonathan Lim

 This fast-paced 90-minute show is the first circus theatre production to be created in Singapore. Combining the energy, physicality and athleticism of circus arts and gymnastics, the result is a contemporary cutting edge performance art form which fully engages the senses and will keep you at the edge of your seat.

 With elaborate moving sets, stunning displays of grace and agility, and intricately designed costumes, Voyage de la Vie will be an amazing theatrical experience. World class architect and the set designer for the Beijing Olympics opening ceremony, Mark Fisher, will lend his magical touch to this unforgettable show.

The Stage
Our Take
Daddy had watch Voyage De La Vie a year ago. However in a short span of one year, the show had evolved with a few changes in the key characters. The Lead Singer Wendell Frando/ Young Man had taken over the previous star lead Jonathan Leong. Victor Kee, the renowed juggler and Alexey Goloborodko had been replaced with alternative acts. In addition new acts like the Ukraine's Got Talent 'Artem and Oleg aerial combat' had made this show a refreshing experience even when he had watched it before.

Death an Life

One of Daddy's favourite act 'Death and Life' are still in the show. This husband and wife act still entertains the second time round. Overall the circus theme concept goes well as a family entertainment show for all ages. I was 'scared' during the beginning due to the loud pyrotechnics but eventually I got immersed and danced away at the finale.

The young man's journey was not apparent in the show. In fact there were long periods of time that he was as much a spectator like us during the amazing circus acts. The circus element clearly is the star of the show and the singing merely strings the performances into a surreal journey that entertains and awes at the same time. The show mixes elements of East and West and in this aspect it could be quite spectacular and confusing, giving it a feel of Rojak Fusion.

As a show on its whole, it lacks the killer punch. Audience may get lost in between the storylines as the acts are loosely connected. Nevertheless the strength of the individual circus acts stands out on its own. The acts are worthy of international standard quite like Cirque du soleil. In fact the earlier stars off Voyage de la Vie like Victor and Alexey were from the famed production.

Backstage tour
The highlight of the fans special was the exclusive backstage tour organised for us. This was our first backstage experience and it was quite an eye opener.

The lead, Wendell Frando
The tour was an opportunity to get close and personal with some of the stars. We managed to take some exclusive photos with them!

With the stars of Voyage de la Vie
In addition, we were given a quick tour on the stage and the stage setups as well. I get to experience what it is like performing playing on the big stage.

Attempting a stunt white the adults engage in serious discussion

Paying attention!
The backstage tour was quite an experience as we pass through rooms like the Green Room (Chill out room for the cast) , dressing room as well as the training room. We ended up with a look at the props on the stage of Voyage de la Vie.

Current Cast
The most exciting part of the show is a sneak peek at the training room. This is where the cast practices for hours their routines in the show. We were even given a special preview of some of their new stunts to be performed during the show.

Daddy taking a picture of the training room

What did we spotted?

A new stunt
We were told to keep hush hush on the shows secrets, especially the secrets on the training room. Nevertheless we think we should at least give you a peek at how hardworking the cast work at making the show a success.

 Circle of Death
Next up are the props of the show. We were able to view some props up close. Dad was impressed with the quality of the props of the show. We even got a spin on the Carousel.

Dragon Bikes

The Carousel

The show costumes

The tour was conducted by the resident director, Michael La Fleur. We would like to thank him for providing us such an amazing 'behind the scenes' backstage tour for Voyage de la Vie.

Resident Director - Michale La Fleur

Daddy even managed to get a tattoo during this backstage tour!
After we got home, I kept telling Daddy to clean clean his tattoo, but it could not come off!

We would like to thank RWS facebook team, particularly Matthew, for giving us this opportunity to participate in the event. The kind and generous invitation is greatly appreciated. We were in awed for most parts of the show and the tour.

Mummy and Daddy were interviewed by RWS on their experiences with Voyage de la Vie. (See top video)
We give the show 2 thumbs up! We recommend those who have yet to watch, to sieze the chance to do so before the show makes its final curtain call on 16th July

Thanks Uncle Matthew from RWS Facebook team!
The Little Details

Tickets for Voyage de la Vie is on sale at:
- all SISTIC Outlets
- Resorts World Sentosa Reservations Booking Engine 
- Universal Studios Singapore® Guest Services Windows 5 & 6 daily from 10am to 7pm.

Students, Senior Citizens and Full Time NSFs will enjoy a 10% off. Group purchase of minimum 10 tickets are entitled to 15% discoun

Catch it before it ends!

Au Revoir Voyage de La Vie!
This review  was a result of a prize from a contest. This is not a sponsored review.. All opinions are of my own.

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