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Cafe Mosaic Weekend Brunch : Birthday Celebration

Cafe Mosaic
We last visited Cafe Mosaic for Brunch during Mother's Day last year.
We had a good time there as there were  free activities for kids during the brunch.

Buffet @ Cafe Mosaic
It was a double celebration for us. We celebrated Grandmother's birthday as well as 元宵节 which is otherwise known as Chap Goh Mei 十五暝.
Last Day of CNY
In Malaysia and Singapore, this day is celebrated by individuals seeking for a love partner, a Chinese version of Valentine. This day also marks the end of the Chinese New Year festivities. 

The buffet
Our parents love the selection of the Buffet spread at Cafe Mosaic. Price at SGD $45++, they thought that the selection was comprehensive and value for money. There is also currently a 15% discount for UOB card holders. The best part, there was no 'festive' tax that other restaurants like to add on even though it was Chap Goh Mei.

Another bonus is that kids below 8 dines free during the weekend brunch.

Fresh Seafood
The Seafood section itself is worth the admission, that is if you are a Sashimi or oyster lover.
The portions are never empty and the seafood are quite fresh for a buffet.
The other noteworthy dishes are the Sushi as well as the variety in the meat selection . Being an all you can eat buffet, one serving of each is never enough. We do miss their fame durian pudding. It was either remove from the menu or it may be a seasonal dish.
Meat lover

Kids activities
The gang
One of the main reason why we choose Cafe Mosaic is that they have special kids activities in a little room within the cafe. We think that this concept is excellent as it allows the adults to indulge in their food while we have our fun.
Free Ballon sculptures!

There are free balloon sculptures for kids. We get to choose what design we want or we can request for a customise sculpture. Each child gets one free on the day.
Since it was 元宵节 or Lantern Festival. We got to make our own mini lanterns. We thought that this was a thoughtful activity by Cafe Mosaic.
Michael ' Lou' Jackson
There were 2 activities for the day (it may not be norm for a normal day brunch). The next activity was the cupcakes making sessi. This time my little brother was able to join in the fun!
The Cupcake making session was a success. Almost all the children in the restaurant participated in it. Guess there is a little chef in every kid.
Mini chef

We spend almost 3 hours at Cafe Mosaic during the outing. This must be one of the longest lunch we had in quite a while.
Chef @ Work
If you are looking for a good meal as well as a place where the children can have fun, we highly recommend Cafe Mosaic. The staff are also attentive and friendly. Overall we had a good time feasting and playing at Cafe Mosaic.

Cafe Mosaic is located at Carlton Hotel at Bras Basah Road .

The Birthday
Birthday Cake
Our main reason for having this brunch is to celebrate Ah ma's birthday. Ah ma (Grandmother) has been taking care of us kids after school for the last few years. Without her, we would probably be little lost sheeps after school. So she is technically our principal after school.

Grandma's angels
Happy birthday Grandma!
Happy Birthday!

* Ps This is not a sponsored post!

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  1. You had me at oysters. Not a whole lot of things quite so tasty. And that sushi looked excellent. What a great celebration


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