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Sentosa Flowers 2013 @ Palawan Beach

Media Invite

Over the weekend, we had an invitation from Sentosa to be part of a Singapore record ... the world "Longest Snake Sand Sculpture" . The sculpture is part of the Sentosa Flowers event, which is an annual event in Sentosa since 2007. This is also the first year that Sentosa Flowers will be held at the beach!

World Longest Snake Sand Sculpture
150m long Sand Sculpture
I met up with the master creator JOOheng Tan, our very own homegrown sand artist who gave us tips on creating sand designs. As part of this mini tour, the group of children was to assist in decorating the snake's back. This means we are part of the record breaking effort.
Master Sand Creator JooHeng in action . 
For this event, I will be on my own representing The Wacky Duo. Kor Kor had to slog attend a chinese class and could not make it.

That did not stop me from jumping in to get my materials for this task. The Jbabies and crew from Edunloaded were there to be part of this record breaking feat.
Getting ready!
We were shock when we realised the snake is about 150m long.
Are we suppose to cover the whole back?
150 m long Sand Snake Sculpture @ Palawan Beach
No lah, they give us a chance, we just choose our spot and do what we can for the next 30 minutes. Without futher ado, I got down to serious work!

I decided to do a piece that is in line with the event, Sentosa Flowers.  With the help of Daddy, we did a sand painting of a boy flanked by 2 flowers. We name it Louis@Sentosa Flowers.
Try to spot it when you are there for the event. We were told that the rest of the snake should be completed by a group of 100 plus adults on Monday. 
Port of Lost Wonder
Our next destination is Port of Lost Wonder
I have been to the Port of Lost wonder several times. Read about our review here and here.
We were told that recently that POLW had been close for over a month for a revamp. We were there in time for their ' new ' opening.

Passports and Curios
Compared to our last trip, the place looks cleaner. The curios and passports are back as well!

I realised the current fashion trend for POLW is strips. Luckily I am quite current with my dress sense. The group was introduced to the Pots and Planks before the water play. In line with the Sentosa Flower theme, we are given the opportunity to plant our own plant at POLW.

Planting time

It is time to get my hands dirty. Luckily I had some help from Daddy. It was my first attempt at being a gardener.
My first plant
After the session at Pots and Planks, it is all hands on deck at POLW water playground
Fun at POLW

Most of the waterplay area remains unchange at POLW. However do note, the water levels are slightly higher around the main playground. You may like to exercise caution if you are leaving the child unattended (which we advise you strongly not too), especially if he or she is small and a non swimmer like me.

Another thing to take note (which we totally forgot) is that they are very strict on swimwear attire. It means no cotton T ( even if it is a muscle sleeveless T) and no diapers. In the end, I had to strip down to just my swim trunks as Daddy did not pack my swimming top. Nevertheless it did not stop me from taking a dip in the pool (even if I had to go au naturel) and having my share of fun.
My first jump!
I did not stayed for long as I miss the company of my brother. It is not wacky or fun enough if we are not a duo. On that note, it would be more fun if you have company at POLW. Perhaps we will make it down together with kor kor for the next trip... right Daddy?

I also discovered that we can do alot more with our curios. Previously the curios can only be exchanged for activities. Now, we can even use them to buy some popsicles.
Treasure at POLW
Without hesitation, I grab one of the popsicle and finished it all on my own!

Sentosa Flowers

Although this was not part of the program, we decided to take a sneak peek at the Sentosa Flowers that are found around POLW.
Photopoints galore
There are numerous spots for phototaking around the area. When I was there, the place was about 50% complete. Nevertheless I was fascinated with the colourful displays of flowers around the area. Feels like we are in Holland (except for the hot weather!)
Snake fairy
We recommend that you start to view the flowers from the entrance of POLW next to the beach carpark. The Sentosa Flowers covers all the way to the other end of Palawan Beach.
Love snakes - where is my girlfiriend?
Since the event is held within the Valentine period, do bring your love one to pose next to the love snake. It's cheesy and cliche, but everyone loves a good photo of love.
Sentosa Flowers
I love the explosion of flowers around POLW. It may not be 100% complete, but it sure is beautiful.
Sentosa flowers
Don't forget to bring your camera for the event as the flowers make a good backdrop as well as subjects for the photobuffs.
Marco shots of flowers
The Sentosa Flowers will start from 9 to 17th Feb. More information on activities and events during the period can be found at
The Garden Faires are hard at work to make Sentosa a magical place to be during Sentosa Flowers!
Garden Faires at work
If you want to have a peek at Sentosa, do head down to Sentosa TV
It is the official youtube channel for Sentosa and it turned 1 last month.
Happy Birthday Sentosa TV!
Thanks for the cake Sentosa TV

The Little Details
Sentosa Flowers
Palawan beach
9 - 17th feb
$5 per entry ( Free for kids below 12)

I was invited to participate in the snake sand sculpture and to POLW for Pots and Planks. No monetary rewards are given. All opinions are 100% my own !


  1. we will be visiting here soon with our one year old daughter.

    We will be visiting from Chicago (hope it is not too hot there) - we are used to cooler temps. I was bit worried if young ones have any thing to enjoy in Sentosa. But after viewing the pics - I found it is great place.

    I really appreciate your effort in writing this blog. Thanks

    1. Enjoy your stay here. You may want to visit marina bay as well for the museums , gardens by the bay and more.


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