Equarius Hotel RWS Review

Equarius Hotel

It's back to RWS for a short staycation over this March Holidays. 

This time around we decided to take the 3D2N All attractions package which consists of

  • 2 nights stay in a deluxe room in Equarius Hotel
  • Daily Breakfast for 2
  • USS entrance tickets for 2
  • SEA Aquarium tickets for 2
  • Adventure Cover ticket for 2
We choose the Equarius Hotel over the Festive Hotel as we had stayed in the latter for our last 2 staycations in RWS. Clearly, it is time to explore the rest of the hotels in RWS. Read all about our review of Festive HotelOn first glance, the hotel exterior does not provide much inspiration. Clothe in brown, it looks similar to Festive and Hard Rock Hotel hereby. I guess it is what is inside that will differentiate the hotel than what is seen on the first impression.

Hotel Lobby

We were greeted by a lobby that is about the same size as the festive hotel. The good thing about the lobby is that there are quite a number of seats for guests to relax in while waiting for check-in. In addition, the ceilings are high and the lobby painted in a light hue which gives the impression that it was airy and bright.

Bright and airy
Check in time is at 3pm. Since RWS is notorious for queues around 3pm, we decided to arrive early, leave our luggage, collect our tickets for SEA aquarium and re-check in at about 4 pm plus to beat the crowd. We need not wait long and was given the keys to the room of our choice with 5 minutes.

Seating area
Do note the reception area is a smallish consist of 4 people manning 2 desks. With a set up like this, do prepare to wait if you intend to check in during the peak period.

Reception area
Our room was at the end of a long walkway. Do note that rooms can be of the longer distance to the main lift. This is especially so for rooms with a Garden which is located on the other end of the building (Approximately >50m away from the main lift)

Exhausted from a long walkway

Hotel Room

The room we selected is the deluxe room facing Adventure Cove.The number of rooms in the hotel are as follows
172 rooms in total
136 Deluxe rooms at 51 sqm
30 Garden Rooms at 139 sqm
6 Suites at 102 sqm

Equarius hotel Room
The room we had is a large 51 sqm room. As a comparison, a typical 4 room hdb flat is about 90sqm, so this room is more than half the size of it.

Another Room view
The room has a King size bed which can sleep a family of 4 with 2 very young kids ( If both your kids are above 1 m, we do not advise to squeeze!). More sleeping space can be made at the Sofa that comes with a side chaise lounge that can double up as a bed should you need more space.

Coffee and Tea
The room comes with amenities like coffee and tea ( from TWG). It even has an iPad/ iPhone dock for your mobile equipment ( Note supports iPhone 4Gs and iPad 3 or lower)

iPhone dock from iHome
The website stated that wireless broadband is available. However they omitted the fact that it is chargeable. Phone reception is at best mediocre in the room as my 3G phone seem to be slow within the room.

Huge Balcony
All rooms come with a huge balcony or even a garden! The balcony space is nice, but we do feel that there should be more than 1 outdoor chair to complete the look. Equarius Hotel is marketed as a couple hotel ( as opposed to a family hotel like Festive Hotel) and it seems odd that the balcony provides only 1 seat.
Nevertheless, the view is refreshing, even from the 3rd floor where we were situated.

The Bathroom

The see-through glass panel in the bathroom
The clearest sign that this room is design with couples in mind is the see-through window located between the bathroom and the bed. For those who like to keep things in suspense, there is an electronic wallpaper to cover the see-through glass to help keep modesty in check.

Double sink
The bathroom itself takes almost half the room. Clad in marble settings with double vanity sinks, a bathtub, separate shower and toilet rooms and a hidden TV, the bathroom screams luxury all over. Too bad the shampoos are body wash use are of a generic house-brand rather than branded names and this is a little miss for a hotel touted to be on a more luxurious level with RWS.

For your daily needs

Forest 森 @ Equarius Hotel

The only restaurant located on the premises of Equarius Hotel is Forest. Forest is meant for Chinese Fine Dining in the afternoon or evening. It is jointly opened by Local celebrity chef Sam Leong and RWS.

森 @ Equarius Hotel Lobby
Located on the lobby level, it is tucked away in one corner off the main lobby seating area.

Eating under trees
The tree-like decor is what defined Forest. You would feel like you are eating under trees when you dine there.

Buffet Breakfast
Our package includes daily buffet breakfast at Forest. We did not try out the Chinese Fine Dining as it was rather pricey ( the cheapest set was about $118 +++ per person)

Buffet Breakfast
Buffet breakfast starts as early as 7am and ends at about 11 am. The crowds are usually in after 845 am as most will be planning to visit the theme parks located within RWS that opens at 10am.

Breakfast time!
The 2 days breakfast spread was rather similar. You have the western dishes like a hash brown, potato chips, bacon, eggs, salad and some eastern fare like wanton noodles, fried noodles and Tim sum. Juices and milk are available as well. 

Do note eggs are already prepared. Compared to the spread we had at Festive Hotel, we would say the Festive Hotel has more variety for breakfast.

For kids, there are selections of fruits , cereals and the usual suspect like hash brown and bread that they can nibble on.

Indoor Seating
You can choose between the indoor and outdoor settings. Personally, we would prefer the outdoor setting as it faces a lush gardens. Al fresco dining in a delightful setting.

Outdoor Dining

The Pool @ Equarius Hotel

Equarius hotel does not have a swimming pool. The nearest pool would be a pool shared with the beach villas. Compare to the Hard Rock Hotel or Festive Hotel pool, this pool is most suitable for adults or older kids.

Relaxing pool
Being located away from the main area in RWS, the pool is relatively deserted compared to the pools of the other hotels. If you want peace and quiet, this pool is perfect. In fact , if you want more breathing space in the pool area, we would recommend this pool even with kids.

For the boys, the lack of kids facilities does not faze them. They enjoy jumping and swimming in the pools with their floats on. They simply love water and I think its time to introduce them to formal swimming lessons. We are open to sponsors from swimming school to coach the boys!

My turn!

Other Facilities

Map of RWS - Source RWS
As you could see from the map, Equarius Hotel is located at one corner of RWS. Nested away from the hustle and bustle of RWS, it is the perfect hotel for a getway. However due to it's location, facilities and shops are of some distance away. This may be an issue for families with young kids.

Other than Forest 森, the only main attraction on site is ESPA. It is the resident spa within RWS. For a list of treatments available, you can refer here. We did not try it due to the lack of time. The price is comparatively higher than other places where we would most likely get a couple treatment package for the same price as a basic package at ESPA.

Complimentary shuttle
To travel around the resort, the hotel does provide complimentary shuttle service. The shuttle arrives every 15 minutes and is on a first come first serve basis. On peak days, you may need to wait for more than 30 minutes should the shuttle be full capacity.

West Car Park Shuttle
Alternatively, you can take the carpark shuttle that brings you as far as Hard Rock Hotel. From Hardrock hotel, you are able to access to the main restaurants and shops area of RWS within 5 to 10 minutes walk. You could even take a short stroll from Equaris Hotel to Hard Rock via the carpark. It definitely beats walking under the hot sun.

Hard Rock Hotel
If you happen to be there and drive, we suggest that you drive the car within the carpark to Hard Rock Hotel. There will not be additional charges as long as you do not leave the carpark. This is our preferred mode of transport as it cuts down the waiting and travelling time via shuttle bus. In case you are driving, you might be please to know the hotel does provide complimentary car park coupons for those staying in the hotel.

Adventure Cove
Lastly, for those heading out to Adventure Cove, there is a secret passage located within a less than 5 minutes walk from the hotel. Just walk to the end of the hotel via level 2, walk on the main road and turn left on the first turn. Voila, you are at the doorstep of Adventure Cove. Do note that there are no signs indicating Adventure Cove, so you need to trust your instinct.


Although Equarius Hotel is targeted towards couples, we did enjoy our time there. We love the spaciousness of the room that allows the children some space to roam. Accessibility can be an issue, but once you know your way around, it is quite easy to get to the heart of the action without too much hard work.

We love the secluded location and it feels more like a getaway, especially from the craziness of mainland Singapore.

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