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LG Ambassador - LG Optimus G

LG Office at Suntec City
An email came together with an invitation to be part of LG Ambassador family . It was a pleasant surprise for us and we eagerly await the task that lies ahead for us.

What is in the box?
The Wacky Duo had been selected to trial the new LG Optimus G E975 smartphone. From young we were exposed to mainly IOS devices and this is the first Android Phone Daddy and us will be using and exploring.
LG Optimus G
For the next month or so, we will be showcasing the various features of LG Optimus G. It will be interesting to see how we could incorporate the phone to our daily lives.
LG pocket photo
LG Optimus G is a high end smartphone from LG Electronics. housed in an elegantly design one piece casing, it provides one of the fastest, if not the most powerful performance in today smartphone market. It's performance makes it one of the titans in today's competitive smartphone market.
Daddy was impressed with the technology LG has when he saw a pocket photo printer (comes seperately) that allows printing on the go from LG phones.
We are delighted with having a new toy piece of techonology marvel in our hands and could not wait to use it. In fact, Daddy was so eager to test it that he had customised the phone to his own personal preference within a day. He was impressed by what he could do compared to his current IOS phone. As for us, we could not wait for him to upload the games we are familiar with. We love the big 4.7 inch screen and it would be a blast playing games on it.

As LG Slogan goes... Life's Good!

Perhaps we might have a convert in the making...
Customised LG Optimus G
Look out for LG Optimus G in action in the coming posts!Meanwhile here is a little sneak peek on the new LG O

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