Scott's Emulsion Cod Liver Oil

Scotts Emulsion Original and Scotts Emulsion Orange

There was a time back in the 80s where mothers all over Singapore religiously feed their children a white concoction. I am sure at least half of you would have a taste if Scott's emulsion Cod Liver Oil at some point of your life. After all Scott's the leader for fish based Children's health supplements with a 40% market share in Singapore (according to Nielsen Kid's vitamin market for Dec 2011 to Nov 2012)

2 different flavours, same benefits
About Scott's Emulsion Cod Liver Oil
The original flavour would probably be the one that we are most familiar with. I had a taste of the current product and the familiar taste brings back fond childhood memories. I had took Scott's Emulsion during my primary school days and my mom swore that it got me good grades in school. The taste is still the same after all these years as Scott's kept the same formula all these years.
Scott's Emulsion Original

I would agreed with that seeing how Scott's Emulsion original contain Cod Liver Oil, Omega 3 (rich in Docosahexaenoic acid or DHA). Base on clinic studies, it had been seen that DHA supports both brain and eye function in children . For the record, I have a 6/6 vision since birth.

Another thing I like about Scotts it that it helps boost the immunity of a child. The presence of Cod liver oil serve as a natural resistance to infection.

My favourite is Scott's original

The boys are also on Scotts since they were 1. It is recommended that they are given after 1 years old.

Scott's Emulsion original
Scott's Emulsion Orange

There is another version of Scott's, The Scott's  Emulsion Cod Liver Oil(Orange Flavour). For some reason, the boys prefer the original version, however their cousin who is age 2 loves the taste of the orange flavour . The orange flavour contains calcium as oppose to Omega 3. It also has orange juice to give children a refreshing fruity start for the day.

I like Scott's Orange

Scott's Emulsion Orange

I grow up with Scotts
Survey Results
We did a survey with a few families on their experiences we have got. The results are somewhat surprising to us.


The results show that for the child most are keen to try the products. The smell may not be the one that they like ( especially for the original), but once they tried it, they would want more. An interesting observation that we noted was that children who likes the original tends to not want the orange and vice-versa. In terms of taste, more than half prefer the original.

It was also observed that most parents disagreed that the product does not go well with food. However it was undeniable that they recognised the good nutritional benefits in Scott's emulsion cod liver oil.

Lastly it is noted that all parents surveyed had heard of this product before with the majority having tried it before. Most would buy this product and would recommend this product to others. This is probably testimony that Scott's Emulsion is perceived to be beneficial for kids .
Fish Mascot from Scott's

As for me, I will let the kids continue with the Scotts Emulsion at least to their teens. Having grown up with it  and seeing its benefits, I would like the boys to have similar benefits. Afterall most parents would love to see their children growing up strong and smart.

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Where can I purchase Scott's emulsion original flavor?

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Should be available at Watson , guardian

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