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Sesame Street Spaghetti Space Chase @ USS Review

Sesame Street Spaghetti Ride
RWS : Fans Day Out

There is a new ride in town : Sesame Street Spaghetti Space Chase. Billed as the world's first fully immersive Sesame Street indoor themed park for the family, it is one ride we would love to be in. It's officially launch on 1st March.

New York becomes Sesame Street!
Since news of it emerge in Jun 2012, we had hinted to RWS for an invitation  at our Sesame Street @ USS Review. When the invitation by RWS came for a special Fans Day Out event for the opening of the new ride, we eagerly jumped accepted it.

This is Part 2 of our RWS Fans Day out programme.
Prior to that, we had a yummy breakfast with Elmo and Gang at Loui's Pizza Parlour.
Daddy's guess for the ride location
Daddy had guessed back in June last year that the ride would be in a building located at New York @ USS. He was spot on for the location!

Sesame Street Carnival
Sesame Street Carnival
Since we were there during the opening weekend, New York had literally transformed to Sesame Street for a 3 day opening carnival. There are giant board games along the street and street carts with Sesame Street items. We had fun experiencing the street games before the main event.
Carnival Games
It would take something spectacular like a space ride to pull us away from these street games... oh , we are going for a space ride.
I love Sesame Street!

Sesame Street Spaghetti Space Chase
After the carnival, it's time to blast off to space with Elmo to save the spaghetti.
Before we set off, we could not resist  a RWS Fans group shot.

The Entrance
Located in one of the corner building within New York @ USS. The entrance would not be hard to find. Look for Super Elmo perched high above and you will be on the way to save the spaghetti <Slurp>

Super Gover searching for clues
The strory unfolds as you walk through the passageway towards the spaceship.
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News headlines that spaghetti had been missing from the menu are splash all over the walls. Super Grover and Elmo is on the lookout for the cause of the disappearance. We will join the Superheros in their quest to save the spaghetti!

Elmo even went on SSNN to alert us of the missing spaghetti. They had investigated and found the main villain. Introducing "Macaroni the Merciless" and his partners in crime "Zester" and "Shredder". They are the villians and the latest Sesame Street characters specially created for this ride.
Wanted : Macaroni the Merciless
Before long (we were in the express queue) we spotted our ride to space.  It's a 4 seater ride with Elmo or Grover as our pilot on board. Do note the ride restriction is a minimum of 92 cm instead of 85 cm as it was initially advertised. This means little brother has to sit out of the ride as he is only 87cm tall. If you are 122 cm and above, you can ride it without an adult.
Our Spaceship
The Spaghetti Space Chase
Sesame Street
The ride started with a cruise through Sesame Street where you are greeted by the gang.  This heartwarming scene sets the mood for the ride, at least we can say we have been to Sesame Street. 12 characters from Sesame Street will be featured with a total of 42 animatronics Characters along the ride. I took the ride twice , once with my old man and the other with Mummy. On both occasions, I spotted something new. Once is never enough for a ride like this.
Super Grover to the rescue
The ride took off literally as we were transported to space almost immediately. There are a total of 7500 optical stars to dazzle us along the way. . There will be slight elevation and tilt along this 2 minutes ride. However the spaceship is slow moving and absolutely safe for kids age 3 and upwards ( provided they meet the height requirement and stay in their seats!) .
Macaroni is caught!
The journey was a vivid feast for the eyes. There will be at least 7 scenes during the ride. Don't blink or you may miss some of them. We do wish that the ride would be more interactive, with maybe laser guns for us to hunt down the villain Macaroni. That will certainly up the fun quotient for the ride.

Super Elmo and Super Grover save the Spaghetti!

If you are expecting a roller coaster ride or an indoor attraction similar to Transformer, this ride may not be for you. If you want to experience the ride as a family with young kids or just simply want to be transported to the Sunny Days of Sesame Street, this ride is just perfect with a capital P.

Our Verdict :
Rated G for Good Fun. Minor motion expected , visually stimulating. A tad dark in some areas but watch out for flashes of lights. Best suited for families with young kids.

Big Bird's Emporium
Big Bird's Emporium
Bird Bird's Emporium is a new shop located in between Loui's Pizza Parlour and the Spaghetti Space Chase. It house a wide-range of Sesame Street merchandise. Great place to stock up your Sesame Street memorabilia.
The pink one is not for sale!
We spotted T Shirts, plush dolls, bags , pens and many more items in store. For full review , check out RWS Scoop for more items available.
Blast off!
Louis may not have the height to try the ride, but that did not stop him from shopping at the Big Bird Emporium. Guess what he got in store? ( He picked the item himself)
Emlo T Shirt
The fun does not stop here as RWS continues its experiences for their Fans with a visit to the Water Life Park. We are only but halfway through this awesome outing.
Look out for part 3 , where we will explore S.E.A Aquarium and the Adventure Cove Waterpark
The Wacky Duo were invited as selected Fans of RWS.This is not a sponsored post.


  1. Did you try the Sesame Street Breakfast?

    1. Yes we did. Our review is found here


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