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The missing hair clip

One morning, Mommy had woken up and found her hair clip disappeared from her bedside table.
The older child who was sleeping on a mattress next to her side of the bed was questioned on the disappearance. The child was made to get up from his bed and search for the hairpin that he might have allegedly played with the night before. Worried that he might get a scolding, he got up and began to search for it under his pillow and blankets. He even tried to move the bed for fear that it may have slip underneath it.

All along, the child did not admit nor deny that he had played with it.
Efforts to find the missing hairpin were in vain. It refused to be found.
The child could see that mommy was upset and only stopped looking when the family had to leave the house for an outing that morning.

Later the day, the boy ask his mother the following questions

'Is the hair clip very expensive'
'Would you be happy if you find the hair clip?'
'How much is the hair clip?'

Feeling slightly agitated, the mother did not answer his questions. Afterall she managed to get another hairpin to tie her hair... It was not until he say the following that she felt a tinge of regret.

'Mommy, you look pretty with this new hair clip. '

He paused and added

'If it can make you feel happy, tell me how much is the hairpin. I will give you some money and you can buy another so you can be happy .'

Later the evening, the hair clip was found. It was nowhere near where it was suppose to be.
The boy has just turned 6 this week yet Mommy felt he had become a man.

True Story.


  1. Wow. What a very sweet boy! My eldest is turning 6 this year too! They are at this almost-understand-but-often-not age. How precious! ;D

    1. They understand less than they should :) but nowadays at his age there is more self control. Less impulsive and at times mature. They grow up real fast...

  2. reading this made me tear. so touching!


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