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RWS Marine Life Park mini review

RWS : Fans Day Out

RWS Fans day out continues with a Trip to RWS Water Life Park - the world largest Oceanarium.
Earlier we had breakfast with Elmo and Friends and gone on a mission to save the Spaghetti with Super Grover and Super Elmo. After a huge dose of Sesame Street, it is time to cool off with a visit to S.E.A Aquarium.

We breeze past the Maritime Experiential Museum . Do note, admission to the maritime experiential museum is complimentary with every ticket to the S.E.A Aquarium. You get to visit 2 attractions for the price of one. We say that is a good deal anyday.

S.E.A Aquarium
S.E.A Aquarium
This would be a mini review as due to time constraint, we had only visited half of S.E.A Aquarium thus the mini review. As a result, do treat this review as a first impression post.
Our first stop would be at the Shipwreck habitat where they had purposely build a replica of a Shipwreck in the aquarium. Here we learn that fishes thrive under a shipwreck as it houses their habitat. The shipwreck is impressive, but the viewing area is pretty limited and can be quite cramp when there is a crowd. The water does not look as clear as what we have seen in other aquarium.
Along the way we pass by smaller exhibits. They look attractive and water is clearer than the bigger exhibits, but due to time, we did not make a longer stop.
It's a walk past a short 360 degree view tunnel to the next exhibit. This reminds me of the tunnel in Underwater World , except that this is much shorter.
The tunnel leads us to a towering coral aquarium. We love how the schools of fishes swirl around this impressive structure. It was a wow exhibit for us.

As for me, the best exhibit would be the discovery touch pool where  Kor Kor get to have a feel of a sea star, better known as a starfish.
Touch and feel pool
Along the way, we walked on water. It was one of the rare time I decided to take a walk on my own. Walking on the glass panels gives us the feeling that we are on the seabed itself. Very Cool.
Glass Panel walkway
The next stop is the mangrove habitat with more crabs.
Mangrove crab
There is this unknown species that we spotted. We heard that it could get wacky at times. I prefer to call 'it' Kor Kor.
 Unknown species
The Jellyfish enclosure is Mommy's favourite spot in the aquarium, she could stay there the whole day to admire them, but unfortunately we have only about a minute to zip through .
Jellyfish Enclosure
Finally we arrived at the world largest window to the ocean.` The sharks and the 20 foot long mantra rays makes an interesting sight.
Open Ocean Gallery
We were greeted by Craig Sowden, the director of S.E.A Aquarium.
Craig Sowden
There were 2 divers in the aquarium. Initially we thought they were feeding the fishes. It was a pleasant surprise to see a banner unveiled and welcoming us to S.E.A . Very personalised touch RWS.
For those who wants a marriage proposal idea, the following screenshot may provide some inspiration.

Did we mention RWS Digital team are a bunch of fantastic hosts?
We felt like VIP on our RWS facebook fans day out!

After the whirlwind tour around the aquarium, we were given a special treat. The fans were sent up a life to the feeding enclosure where we get to feed the fishes in the open ocean gallery. As this area is restricted , we could not show you any photos of it. Nevertheless, the experience of seeing large school of fishes along with mantras and sharks swimming towards their food is simply awesome!
 Like RWS today!

Before we head off to the waters of Adventure Cove, we had a quick lunch at the Bay.

Fish and Chips
Once again kudos to the RWS team. Beside filling our stomach, they had also celebrated one of the fan's birthday on the spot with a cake. That is what I call fantastic service by one of the best communication team we have encountered.

Yeah, we are gushing, but they deserved the recognition.
Birthday Celebration
Two thumbs up RWS!

Thumbs up RWS!

Adventure Cove Waterpark
Adventure Cove
After lunch , we wasted no time to explore Adventure Cove.
Big Bucket Treehouse
After a quick recce, we decided to make seahorse hideaway our play area. We love the fact that the floor is padded and the pool is not too deep. The presence of a lifeguard in a kiddy pool is also a welcoming sight.
Seahorse hideaway
Given the safety features, we were allowed to roam as we please in the pool even though we are non swimmers.
Foam padded pool
We spend about 30 minutes there before I decided it is time for my nap.
Ok..Nap time.
While I took my nap, Kor Kor decided to explore the rest of the waterpark with Daddy. They managed to try the Bluewater Bay Wave Pool and took a journey down the adventure river before a heavy downpour trapped them in the river!
All ready for action
It was a great day until is was cut short by a heavy rain. No matter, we already made plans for our Staycation for this march holiday. No prize for guessing where it will be!
Our thanks to RWS digital team for making this day wonderful.
We never know you could visit 3 parks in one day!
It was so fun that we had thought that we had taken a holiday. Overall we had a fantastic experience. Looking forward to more outings with RWS fans. We will be back to RWS soon!
Boys from baywatch

The Little Details
S.E.A Aquarium
Adult (13-59) : $29
Child (4-12)   : $20
Senior (Above 60) : $20

Adventure Cove Waterpark
Adult (13-59) : $29
Child (4-12)   : $20
Senior (Above 60) : $20

This awesome adventure was organised by RWS for their selected fans. .This is not a sponsored post and the post was own our own accord.

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