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Daddy Matters : An Introduction

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On April Fools day, there was an announcement for the formation of Singapore Men Bloggers by The Blogfather. The news was a godsend, finally someone decided to set up a community for the other half in the blogsphere. Alas the next day, it was announced as a joke.

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It was a classic April fool prank that was mistaken for real by a few Daddy Bloggers, yours included. The response was nothing short of amazing. There was a pent up demand for such a community to exist. To be fair to Winston the originator, he decided it is time to put the joke to rest. He initiated an online chat with a group of 10 other Daddy Bloggers upon hearing our responses. After 2 days long of online chatting , yes 2 days ( we men can be real whiny if we want to), it was decided to bring a causal joke into reality. The daddies are given a collective voice.
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Rome may not be build in a day, but a community was created in one.

Full credits to the joker, initiator and architect of this vision, the other blogfather, Winston. With his zeal and noteworthy creative skills, we are off and running with a swanky new website in 10 days.

Today , we launch Daddy Matters

Daddy Matters is a community of online personalities based in or around Singapore, getting together with the aim of improving the state of dads in Singapore and promoting active fatherhood to all family men.We are not Mr know-it-all, rather we envision that Daddy Matters to be a platform that Daddies could come together and share their parenting experiences. It is from such sharing that we hope we would be able to learn and grow as a father to our kids.
While we are all Daddies, we welcome all, be it Daddies, Mommies or Singles to our humble home. We hope that Daddies may learn and share their wealth of parenting know how, Mommies can have a peek on what goes on behind the mind of their spouses and Singles may be inspired to use the knowledge from this platform to prepare themselves for marriage and parenthood.

To get a full picture of Daddy Matters , do visit us at

Web Site:
Facebook : Daddy Matters

This day marks the change in the landscape of parenting in Singapore.
The Daddies have spoken. We will not be silent anymore.
Join us and be a part of this revolution.
And the honest reason why we decided to set it up?
Just because Daddy Matters
...says one father to another.
These are the 11 that came together one day and decided it's time to speak as one.

Christopher Vu -
Winston Tay - &
Kelvin Ang -
Edmund Tay -
Patrick Pang -
Isaiah Kuan -
Andy Lee -
Kelvin Ang -
Daddy M -
Nick Pan -

For a full profile of the eleven daddies who decided to be part of the change, check us out here.
Spread the word, share this post. The Daddies have arrived.

( Pictures and illustrations are created by Winston Tay - all rights reserve to


  1. Congrats on the launch of Daddy Matters! So heartening to see this initiative come into fruition :) That photo of the 11 of you rock!

  2. Thanks DM. Do visit Daddy Matters. There is a wealth of experiences there.

  3. Congrats on the launch :) Sounds really exciting!

  4. Thanks Nicholas! We do not know where this will take us down the road, but seeing it is a collective effort from ground up, we hope it has roots. Do join us :)


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