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The Polliwogs@ Robertson Quay

The Polliwogs @ Robertson Quay
We are fans of Polliwogs East Coast and heard about the opening of Polliwogs in a more central location some months back. With the March holidays coming to a close, Daddy thought it would be a great idea to bring us over during the weekend to unwind before school reopens.

Shoes Area
The place was packed as there were 2 birthday parties going on. After depositing our shoes at the shoes rack, it took us about 15 minutes to register and get into the play area. It was a wait that is longer than usual as there were about 5 families attending the parties who registered at the same time.

Given that it was the weekend, we were only allowed 2 hours of play under the 1 time admission. At the cost of $25 per child (for children above 2), it is comparable to other indoor playground in Singapore.

Entrance to the Playground
Within seconds of entry, we were off to the main play area. We started off with the cannons and choose Daddy as target practise.

Let Shoot!
There were some new equipment that we have not seen in other playground. The mini Flying Fox is a hit with kids.

Flying Fox
The main playground is 3 stories tall. Daddy tried to follow us but he gave up after one round and decided to observe us from the main floor. At age 2.5, Louis is more mobile and has no problem getting over obstacles meant for age 3 and up.

The mini rock climbing wall got our attention as well.

Let's rock
The pseudo pool is another new equipment that we have not seen before.

Swimming Pool
Nevertheless the one that got us the most play time would be the 3 storey high slide.

Not a problem for Didi, as he jumps upon the slide himself. looks like we got a mini daredevil on our hands.

Bye Daddy
As Daddy was not always with us, I am tasked to look after Didi while we were at the play area. The play area is meant for bigger kids and Didi might get bullied if left on his own. Daddy witnessed a few incidents where the bigger boys try to push their way around Didi. Being a tough little cookie, he took most of it in stride.We noticed that there was a lack of staff within the play area to supervise. Compared to the last playground we have been to, we feel that this could be improve. It does get a little rowdy especially when the kids are left to their own devices.

The Slide
Daddy took the opportunity to try out the video function on his new phone , the LG Optimus G. He was pleasantly surprise to learn that he could edit a video without much fuss on his phone. Using the phone build in software, VideoWiz, he created a video with special effects and music in a matter of minutes.

It's amazing how capable a phone is nowadays. Not so long ago, in order to do the same , it will take hours to complete a decent video on the computer. Now you can do most of it within minutes at the palm of your hand. In the age of multitasking ( looking after us in the playground and editing a video), it is something most parents (especially parent blogger) would be thankful for.

Toddler's area
After the slide, it's time to explore the other areas. We stumbled upon the toddler's play area for children 3 and under. The play area consist of an interesting waterslide, a balls area, a pair of bigger slides and an interesting revolving climber.

Toddler's Area
After an hour plus of play at the main playground we decided to unwind with 15 minutes in the toddler's area.

We were most intrigue by the revolving climber. I may be older than 3, but my task was to look after Didi. I need to be at the same play area as him in order to do so. Even if the area is not meant for me, I have to 'sacrific' for him.
In reality, I just wanted to go back to my toddler-hood. Don't tell Dad.

Next to the toddler area would be the function rooms for parties and birthdays.

Seating area.
For parents who wants to keep an eye on the kids can choose to sit next to the main play area. Do note seats are quickly filled up over the weekend.

The cafe area is rather spacious. We counted over 10 tables and most of them are full during this weekend. This excludes the sitting area on the side next to the play area. You might like to note is that toilets are located 'outside' Polliwogs at the main building. So do remember to bring in a key for re-entry. Entrance to the toilet is on the right side of the food counter. Lockers are also available for rent within the premises.

The place is bigger than it looks from the outside. We have a short but delightful time exploring. The Polliwogs@Robertson Quay is smaller than the The Polliwogs@East Coast. Nevertheless the entertainment quotient remains as high.

The Little Details
The Polliwogs @Robertson Walk
11 Unity Street#02-18/19 Spore 237995
Tel: 64422805
Weekday 10am-7pm ( unlimited play)Below 2 : $13 Above 2 : $20
Weekend 10am-8pm ( limit to 2 hours)Below 2 :$ 13Above 2 : $25

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