Kampung@ Simpang Bedok

Kampung @ Simpang Bedok
"Let's go to a kampung today!" 

It was a lazy Sunday afternoon. We were all famished after our church services and Daddy decided that it might be interesting to visit this 'new' place. Kampung @ Simpang Bedok.

Food Options
We read about this place back in January. Set up by a social enterprise by some friends, the concept is to help hawkers, youths and immigrants to set up their own stores. It is the first privately owned hawker center in Singapore.

Simpang Bedok - Source Straits Times
The Kampung is located at the second floor above Shop and Save.

Spot the mystery animal

Actually Simpang Bedok had been our parents favourite haunt. They had previously stayed on the same street for over 5 years in 2 different locations. I have been visiting here till age 3. This is Didi's first visit to Simpang Bedok.

Old Style rides

Kampung@ Simpang Bedok is essentially a hawker center. There are a few interesting touches that makes it a little different from a typical hawker center.
Check out the old style amusement rides. Very 1980s.
There is a modern soccer table at the premises as well.
Interestingly there are odd sections within the Kampung that gives it an old style vide. The 1970s kopitam tables can be found at one end of the hawker center.

Old Style Kopi table and chairs
However the oddities does not extend throughout the hawker center. There are the conventional seatings found in most hawkers at another section.

New seats

There is also a mini flea market selling old books and toys. It is an interesting idea, but sadly we hardly see anyone browsing the section while we were there.

The Kampung had been opened for over 4 months. Like every hawker center, it is usually the food that draws the crowd. From what we saw , the big bowl chicken rice seems to be the most popular store at Kampung.

Other food options include prata & briyani, western food, jap food, prawn noodles, Vietnamese food and more. The hawker center is rather big and not all food stores are open. From what we see, it is probably operating at a 50% capacity. The crowd was relatively thin and there should be no problem finding a seat there. We think that the more established prata joints and food options on the ground floors are taking away the lunchtime crowd as they are usually pack to the brim on weekends
Food Options

We decided to try the prawn noodles and have a Vietnamese side dish.
Prawn noodles

The prawn noodles had a generous serving of prawns and pork ribs. The Vietnamese side dish was well presented as well. There was no major wow in the food options, but there was no disappointment either. Interestingly both stores are managed by new immigrants, giving the dishes a small twist to the usual hawker fare.
Vietnamese spring roll

We like the concept, but it seem that the novelty of the place is not taking off. There are still more room to evolve. Given it's theme, it could be an ideal place for families to gather. Perhaps with time and better marketing, this place could be on the food radar of the Easterners.
In addition, we learn that the Kampung does give back by organising Hawker Sessions to aidfamilies with immediate needs. We think it is a refreshing and encouraging initiative by Kampung@Simpang Bedok.

From Kampung@ Simpang Bedok Facebook
If you are around Simpang Bedok and decide to try a new place, why not drop in at the Kampung for a meal.
The Little Details
Kampung@Simpang Bedok
348 Bedok Road
Singapore 469560

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