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Redux : Why Daddy Blogs?


A year ago I wrote a post on 'Why Daddy blogs?'

A year gone by and this journal has since grown in terms of audience and scope. Prior to that and our induction to Singapore Blog Awards, we had barely 5 people visiting the blog daily and that included me. Within a year, the audience had increase 100 fold and still increasing. Our lives had also transform. It was as if we were sedated and suddenly discovered the gist of family life within the year. After 300 plus posts laden with grammatical errors and punctuations ( my basics in English is absolutely terrible and I blame it on the primary school teachers), I decided to rethink why I am blogging today.

All said and done, it was a year of evolution.

The evolution brought about many opportunities for the boys. When I become a father of 2 boys more than 2 years ago, I have never phantom fatherhood to be what I am experiencing. I was probably thinking along the lines of changing diapers , long blank stares at 2 young tots , struggles for ideas for a weekend escapade and headful of white hairs.

In terms of building memories, the past 1 year of experiences via the courtesy of this journal had amassed a healthy core of exciting memorable moments for the boys. If it was not for this journal, the boys would probably live a lifestyle of mundane weekend shopping centre jaunts and lazy days at home. Without this, the boys would have thought that the rainbow would probably come in monotones of black and white with shades of grey in between; quite unlike the kaleidoscope of vivid hues, they have been blessed with. For this, I am immensely grateful to the journal for opening the door of wonderful adventures which would form the core of the boy's memories of growing up.

Don't get me wrong, fatherhood is not a bed of roses, but with a whirlwind of activities, the heavy backpack of raising children have been toss aside.

This brings about the question. Why Daddy Blogs?

The basic intention of documenting the lives of the boys is still the motivator behind the journal. It has since included a few additional motivations that I would like to share.

Blogging for the experiences

There is a saying that blogging opens doors. For us, this journal has bought us to places that would probably not be in my normal agenda of family outings. Exclusive events, special treats and once in a lifetime experiences made these journey worthwhile. Blogging will not make me rich as I still keep my day job. Instead, it rewards with an abundance wealth of experiences that make a pauper out of my earlier days as a young father.

For the boys, preschool days would be the best for them to explore the world with abandonment. Positive childhood memories tend to produce happy children. Hopefully, when they have kids of their own, they will pass on what they had learned to the next generations, my grandchildren.

Blogging for therapeutic relief

If you ask me a year ago, if I would be a writer of sorts, I would laugh at that thought. For someone who could not for his life understand the difference between a noun, verb and adjective (sound like huh? huh? and huh? To me ), to write is akin to asking me to speak in tongues. I may have ideas and thoughts but it was always at the backfoot due to my limitations to understanding the queen's language. However, over the past 1 year, constant updates had honed my mediocre writing ability. I still make mistakes, but hopefully, I am more coherent now. At the very least, the critics have not rained down on me yet. So that itself is a blessing.

Yet, with writing, I found my voice. Every time I hit the keyboards, I feel myself in a state of zen. Inner peace comes and soothes the beast in me. I had a fiery soul in the past, but now the combination of fatherhood and documenting the children's life journey have the douse the flames of fury. I am inspired to write and aim to write to inspire.

Furthermore, I found myself enjoying photography, especially photos moments with the boys. It is not surprising to find entries swamped with photos of them. After all, a picture says a thousand words and how else to express their joys and sorrows but through what the eyes see.

The combination of writing and photography works for me. It is like sitting on a deserted beach, hearing the waves of the ocean, watching the world goes by while slipping from a young coconut. It may not be everyone vision of paradise but it is my nirvana.

Blogging for the community

With a greater audience comes greater responsibility. The notion of keeping this journal public is a conscience one. Admittedly I am not an active pursuer of charitable acts. This journal allows me to give a little back to society via the sharing of experiences and parenting titbits. The cause has been expanded with the co-founding of Daddy Matters, an online daddies community sharing the best and worst of our fatherhood moments. This feather in the cap is probably the proudest moment of my short blogging journey.

Blogging for a part of history

As each entry is done, the moment the published button is click, it became immortalised in the digital world. What are mere thoughts became printed on the screens of many? In a world wide world of random thoughts and research pieces, the blog has become a small part of history. Many moons away after I depart, the digital footprints would remain. An archive for future generations, this humble footnote may one day be read by my great great great great great grandchildren in the year 2200. Now that is thought that is both endearing as it is everlasting


In a nutshell, Daddy blogs because he wants to document his children growth. Daddy blogs because he wants the boys to experience life. Daddy blogs because he want to share these experiences with other families and hopefully this will inspire them to have a fulfilling family life. Daddy blogs because he is afraid that he may not remember all of these when he gets old and this journal will aid in his memory. Daddy blogs because he wants his future generations to remember as well.
I blog because I am Daddy.


  1. wow Grandchildren also come in liao :0
    More Peaks and success with Wacky Duo! !

    andy (sengkangbabies)

    1. Great great great grandchildren also mention lah. Thanks Andy!


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