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All I want for Christmas is my 2 front teeth ...

Say cheese

The background story

Remember our dental visit back last month. Unfortunately during the dental check up, I discovered that my teeth was in a bad shape. The teeth had decayed as a result of baby bottle teeth decay. In a matter of months since the discovery , the teeth had rot so badly that there is a possibility of infection on the gums.

Close up
Daddy and Mommy felt bad that they have not bought me to the dentist earlier. They had initially thought that since it is baby teeth and it will drop out in due course, they did not seriously consider the dentist option. It was only when they notice that the teeth are chipping away , that they decided an urgent visit to the dentist is warranted.
Long story short, it's their fault!
Say ah...
So to all Daddies and Mommies out there. Do bring your child to a dentist as soon as he / she turns 2. A routine check up can prevent the worse case scenario when treated early.
Lollipop cause tooth decay?

Cause and Consequences

As for me, it is the deadly combination of night feeds, sweets and apples ( acidic food like apples can hurt milk teeth! ) that sped up the tooth decay. On the first visit, Dr Ong of Kid's Dental World discovered 6 cavities and 2 very decayed teeth. The doctor tried to save the teeth, but due to its state, extraction would be a cleaner and safer option. Furthermore, it is noted that my molars have started the decay, so it is necessary to fill them to save them as molars are needed to chew food.
Adult molars only appear at age 10 to 12 so it will be a long long wait if we choose to ignore the decay and let it rot.
Do I really need to pull out my teeth?
Left with Hobson's choice, my parents reluctantly agreed to the suggested treatment. As they had seek a second opinion and both reputable dentists suggested the same, they decided the sacrifice is needed to protect the adult teeth from future infection. The decision was not an easy one. I will be under general anesthesia ( ie putting me to sleep in la la land) due to my age and that always pose a danger in any circumstances.
Furthermore the thought of me losing the teeth so early concerned my parents as they worry about the impact on the future adult teeth as well as my own feelings on the loss of the teeth.
Novena surgery

Leap of Faith

On the fateful day of the appointed surgery, we had to be at Novena Surgery at Novena Medical center early in the morning at 7am. I was led to the room with my Daddy. Within a minute under GA, I was knocked out.
Like any parents out there, this is one the most feared thing Daddy had gone through with me. Daddy hugged me tight as the GA is applied. Before I went to sleep, I thought I saw a tear in Daddy's eyes...
The broken teeth
Within an hour, the process is over and I gradually woke up. Feeling groggy and unfamiliar with the environment , I was sobbing for quite a while. My parents were allowed to carry me to calm my little nerves. After an hour of pacing and monitoring , I was out of Novena Surgery.
As you can see from the picture, the decay was quite bad. The long bit on one of the tooth is actually the root, the small little bit on the tip is what is left of my expose tooth. The teeth would probably be lost within 6 months without extraction, but that would mean the infected roots will still be in the gum and may even affect the adult teeth that is developing.
Bye bye teeth, see you in 3 years time...

Smile... and the world smiles with you

The doctor had fixed the rest of my teeth, so it means I get a brand new slate in the teeth department. I think I still had a great smile... Do you agree?
As a result of this experience, the night feeds are gradually wean. I brush my teeth with fluoride now and I had not touch a lollipop for over 2 months. Add to this the tooth fairy paid me a visit that evening and left me some change to buy a new toy. I guess things happen for a reason.
As for the impact on me, I am nonchalant about the loss. Life goes on...I still smile with ease and am not bothered with the loss of teeth. My appetite seems to be improving as well.
Toothless grin
Thankfully I have a partner in crime in this experience. My older bro also needs his front tooth for Christmas, except that his tooth dropped naturally.
I guess for now we might need to change our names of The Wacky Duo to The Bogay Duo.
Any objections?

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