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Have you ever grapple with skin issues such as Dry Skin and Dandruff?Do your child exhibit signs of eczema?

The boys and I have shown signs of the above some stage of our lives. When Physiogel offered to let us trial some of their skincare solutions, we were eager to use it to protect our skin. However before we do it , we were curious as to how and when we should use these skincare solutions. It was thus beneficial for us to attend 'The Essential of Skin Care "Seminar Series sponsored by Physiogel to learn a thing or two about skincare management.

Let me share a few tips I have gathered during this educational 2 hours seminar which I think would be most useful to parents.
The Seminar

The Essentials of Skin Seminar

There were a total of 4 speakers during the Seminar. The topics covered for the day include common skin issues, the truth about dandruff , sun care protection and children's eczema.
Left to right : Prof Goh, Dr Lynn Teo, Dr Particia Yue, Dr Jeny Tang

What is sensitive skin? - Professor CL Goh

Do you know that sensitive skin is a lay term rather than a medical diagnosis? It is reported that almost half of men and women have reported some forms of sensitive skin.
Slides from Professor CL Goh
Some of the medical causes of sensitive skin includes Atopic Dermatitis, Allergic Contact Dermatitis (ACD), Steriod facies and Dry Skin.
  • Atopic Dermatitis - Inflammatory, relapsing , non contagious skin disorder. Patient usually display an impaired barrier function that render skin more susceptible to irritation such as soap.
  • ACD - Skin Reaction following the development of an allergy. Some chemicals are known to commonly cause an allergic reaction.
  • Steroid Facies - Skin disorder cause by excessive steroid usage.
Physiogel Lotion
I learnt that amongst all the symptoms, one thing is common amongst the diagnosis. People with sensitive skin usually have dry skin. Sensitive skin treatments are aimed at underlying condition and avoidance. It is advise to use soap-free cleansers and non-irritating moisturisers and emollients. Physiogel address this issue with the Lotion and the Cleanser solution.

Physiogel Lotion uses DMS to help repair skin and lock in moisture. It contains no colourants, no perfume and no preservatives and is suitable for dehydrated and sensitive skin on the body.
Physiogel Cleanser is suitable for all skin types and can be use on babies. It can be use for both face and body and it is meant to soothe and soften the skin without drying them.

The most important takeaway from this segment is when Prof Goh state that it is better not to self diagnose skin conditions. If in doubt , always consult a dermatologist for treatment.
Physiogel Cleanser

The Truth about Dandruff - Dr Lynn Teo

The next interesting segment was the truth about dandruff. Dandruff had been my persistent issue when I was younger. Today Dr Lynn seek to bust the myths about dandruff. The common myths are
  • Dermatitis is contagious
Contrary to popular beliefs, dandruff are NOT contagious. Unsightly yes. Contagious, a myth.
  • Dandruff is caused by a dry scalp
Not washing the hair due to dandruff will worsen, not solve the problem.
  • Dandruff means you should wash hair less often
As per earlier point, do not skip the hair washing. From personal experience, the itch would usually disappear after a good hair wash.
  • Oils are good for the scalp
Tea Tree oil and coconut oil may have certain benefits, but they may also irritant and worsen the dandruff situation.
  • Special Shampoo can cure dandruff
If that is the truth, several other shampoo companies would have close by now.

The treatment for dandruff is relatively simple. Have a daily wash, avoid styling hair products and decrease stress. If all else fails, seek medical help.
Physiogel Shampoo plus is a good start for those with sensitive scalp.
Physiogel Shampoo Plus

Beauty and Sunblock- Dr Patricia Yuen

Next up is Dr Patricia and her recommendations on sun protection for the skin. An interesting observation is that many people think the stronger the sunblock , the longer they can stay in the sun. On the contrary, the protection time for sunblock is about the same regardless of strength. In fact incremental benefits for SPF >30 products only improves protection by a marginal % or so. In addition, we learn how to effectively apply sunblock. Do the following
  1. For the whole body, a handful or 2 table spoon of sunblock.
  2. For the face 1/4 teaspoon.
  3. Apply 30 minutes before exposure and reapply every 2 hours.
  4. Reapply after swimming or excessive sweating.
It is interesting to note that surface also reflects UV rays. So even when you are in the sand, water or snow, do apply sun screen as the surface may intensify the effects of the sun. Snow actually reflects and doubles the UV radiation especially in high altitude, so slap on the sunscreen if you intend to scale Everest.
Slides by Dr Patricia Yuen
If you need a sunscreen, the Spectraban (by Stiefel) that provides a UV protection of SPF 30.
Stiefel Spectraban

Managing Difficult Childhood Eczema - Dr Jenny Tang

Perhaps the topic that would most parents would be Children Eczema or Atopic Dermatitis. The causes of eczema in children are either genetic, environmental or both. The good news is that 50% of the children would be cleared by age 13. However some may persist into adulthood and they may develop additional conditions such as asthma and allergic rhinitis. The most important factor is to consult a skin doctor when this occur for them to prescribe the right course of treatment.
Slides by Dr Jeny Tang
The boys have minor skin redness that goes on and off due to dry skin. From what I learn during the seminar, it is good to have a good skin care routine. The routine is divided into 2 main activities, bathing and moisturising.

  • 1-2 times a day
  • Use soap substitutes
  • Avoid hot Water
  • Use Physiogel Shower Cream with DMS during bath for daily cleansing.

MoisturisersIt is an essential part of management and should be apply often daily.
Apply the moisturiser often!
Whenever we had 'outbreaks' we would apply either the Physiogel Cream or the Physiogel AI Cream
Physiogel Cream
The Physiogel Cream is for dehydrated and sensitive skin , especially on the face. Should an outbreak occur on the body, we would apply the Physiogel AI Cream to relieve redness and itch in dry, sensitive skin. The treatment is usually effective as the troubled spot usually goes off in a couple of day.
Physiogel products are available at Guardian, unity, Watsons, selected clinics and hospital pharmacies.
Physiogel AI Cream

Tip on Proper Skincare

Dr Joyce Lim in conjunction with Physiogel also share her top tips on Proper Skincare
  1. Develop a regular schedule. Cleanse and moisturise your skin daily
  2. Choose the right cleanser. Use a gentle. soap-free cleanser with neutral pH. For those with sensitive skin, choose cleansers that leave a moisturising film behind after washing.
  3. Choose the right moisturiser. Use a moisturiser containing lipids that repair the skin and provide longer lasting hydration.
  4. Always apply moisturisers right after a shower to seal in the moisture. Towel dry your skin but leave you skin moist for better absorption.
  5. Learn about the common ingredients that go into your skincare products. Some ingredients like alcohol a can irritate skin, while ingredients like glycerine help to hold water in the skin.
  6. Always remove all make-up before going to bed. Overnight make-up will clog your pores and dehydrate your skin.
  7. Sleep well, eat well and drink lots of water!
I am a Physiogel user

Wacky Giveaway!

We could not resist asking Physiogel to share a little of their goodness with our readers. So for 3 randomly selected readers , you will stand to get a bottle of Physiogel Cleanser (150ml) each.Just follow the following steps

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Remember good things must share ah...
Giveaway ends 11th May. Results will be out at Facebook on 13th May. Winners to respond by 20th May on delivery details, else giveaway will be forfeited. We reserve the right to choose another winner in this instance.For all with a valid Singapore address only. (Only readers who complete the above qualify, winners will be selected randomly, our decision is final)
Wacky Giveaway
DisclaimerThe Wacky Duo were invited to "The Essentials of Skin Care Seminar" for a review. In addition, we were provided samples of Physiogel products for sample. All opinions are of our own.

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