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Weaning time with Pigeon

Pigeon weaning Utensils
It's about time I start to eat on my own.

I have not officially wean myself out of milk even when I am 2. In fact milk still forms part of my diet till this day. Nevertheless I am been introduced to adult food since I turn 2 , so it is goodbye to baby food and hello to world of yummy food.

Pigeon "All By Myself " baby cutlery set

Pigeon "All By Myself" Baby cutlery set

The kind folks for Pigeon had offered me a sampling of their weaning sets to ease me into my food journey. Being at the age where my hand eye coordination are developing, it is a great time to have such sets to practise self feeding.
Gleeful to have my own set
I am more than delighted to have my own set of utensils. I could not wipe off the glee on the face when I am told these are mine.
Plate, spoon and fork
The 'All By Myself " set consist of the following items
  • 1 red plastic plate
  • 1 red orange dish
  • 1 set of spoon and fork with a handy portable cover for travelling
Chomp time
It's time to have breakfast!

The colourful dish and plates are a hit with me . I like the fact that there are some thoughtful features that makes eating from the dish or plates an easier task.

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There are a spoon and fork logos on the side of the dish and bowl that guides me on how to use my utensils. In addition , the sides of both are at a slight angle for easy scooping of food. The non-slip base also keeps the dish and bowl in place when in use.

I had initially use the dish to eat my porridge but decided to change to the plate as I was not tall enough to blow the porridge on the table. Nevertheless the cutlery are interchangeable and I used the plate to eat instead. As for the dish, I found another use for it... To keep my buns!
Yummy breakfast!
The set is meant for those age 12 and above and is BPA free. So it's safe for toddlers like me!
BPA free
Another thoughtful feature would be the spoon and fork. Noticed the handle are a little oversize so it should prevent kids from putting them into the mouth. A good safety features given that younger kids tends to put things inside their mouth, even if it is not food.

A small nit-pick- The spoon surface is too small for me. It is smaller than a teaspoon and could make eating breakfast a long affair.

Spoon and Fork

Silicone Table Mat

Pigeon Silicone table mat
In addition to the cutlery set, I have a Silicone table mat as well.
ABC mat
I like the non slip material from this. In addition , the sides are slightly raise ensuring that the food does not spill over on the table. The ABC on the mat also keeps me distracted enough to make me sit on the chair for my meal ( which at times could still be a small challenge for my parents)
My own tableware
The mat might be meant for age 6 months and up, it is still useful for a 2 year old kid like me. We still tend to get a little mess here and there during meal time. The silicone material makes it easy for washing after a messy hearty meal.


Training chopstick

Pigeon training chopstick
Our last item from pigeon will be the training chopsticks.

The chopstick comes link together by a bridge. In addition, there is a thumb support, positioning support and a support bar to guide me on holding the chopstick.
The chopsticks are meant for kids age 2 and up.

It was not easy for me to get use to the holding position, but I did managed to pick some cereals for myself and bro. The training chopstick will be better suited for slightly older kids who have better control over their fingers. The guiding features are useful to holding our little hands in place to master the art of chopstick holding. The chopsticks come in left and right version, so do choose the right one for your child.
Thanks Pigeon for providing the products fo review. Since I have my own special cutlery set, I will start eating on my own from today onwards, that is if my parents and grandparents allow me too...
Food does taste yummier when I feed myself.

For those who are interested in the above, Pigeon products are available in most departmental stores.

Happy weaning!
I received the above sets for use and review. All mess and opinions are of my own. Views are from the experience of enjoying a weekend breakfast with Mom and Dad.

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