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SEA Aquarium RWS review

S.E.A Aquarium
As part of our package for our staycation in RWS, we have tickets for S.E.A Aquarium. We decided to utilise it as our first day activities. This is our second visit to S.E.A aquarium.The first visit was during the RWS fans day out.

Maritime Experiential Museum
Entrance to S.E.A Aquarium includes free admission t the Maritime Experiential Museum. As we had tour the museum during our last staycation, we decided to skim through the exhibits and head straight to S.E.A aquarium.
Entrance to S.E.A Aquarium is via the escalator down at the end of Maritime Experiential Museum. Just follow the sharks and you would not be lost.
Map of S.E.A aquarium -Source RWS
The S.E.A Aquarium is a 400 m long roundabout passageway comprising of different theme displays. The last time when we were here, we only managed to explore half of the exhibits.This time round, we had the luxury of time to admire the fishes as we explore the S.E.A aquarium.

Zone 1 : Straits of Karimata and Java sea

Explore the man-made shipwreck that had become the living habitat for schools of fishes. The water quality is much better today and the shipwreck looks as impressive as the first time we saw it. We were there on a weekday, but being the school holiday, there is still quite a crowd at the aquarium.
360 view
Past the shipwreck and through a 360 degree view passageway which brings back memories of Underwater World. The passage way is much shorter and smaller compared to Underwater World. It is not an automated walkway (although we saw a non working travellator), but being less than 20m, it is quite a short trip inwards. Nevertheless being static, there can be quite a human traffic as this is a good photo op moment.Looking upwards , you could actually see the skeleton of the tent that is covering the aquarium. The aquarium is not fully enclosed compared to Underwater World and thus visually creating another dimension of views within the passageway.

Zone 2 : Straits of Malacca and Andaman Sea

Walking on water
Walking past a floor of glass filled with predators like sharks is one of the highlights in this zone. Along with the all popular discovery touch pool where you get to touch Starfishes and other marine specimens.
Discovery Touch Pool
The touch pool can get really crowded, but that did not stop us from getting up close with the marine life.
There is a huge round display in the zone where you can watch school of fishes swimming by. Watching fishes is highly therapeutic as it brings a calming effect on us.
Schools of fishes

Zone 3 : Bay of Bengal and Laccadive Sea

Sea Worms?
There are some unique species found in this zone. We spotted some worm-like creatures nested in one of the aquariums. The zone is also the home of the Subdarbans Mangrove which includes habitats like th Mangrove crabs or mud crabs.
Mud Crabs

Zone 4 : Ocean Journey

Nasi Lemak Anyone
In between Zone 3 and 4 is a pit stop. S.E.A side snacks. Looking at the huge 360 degree display of Ikan Kuning opposite the S.E.A side snacks makes us want to stop and have a packet of Nasi Lemak. Unfortunately it is not for sale there...
S.E.A side Snack
Without futher ado, we trooped deeper in the search for Mommy's favourite , the jellyfishes, housed within this zone.
Jelly fish or people exhibit
Seems like we are not the only one interested in Jellyfish. We actually see more people than fish at one of the exhibits. Given that certain exhibits are 2 dimensional and the only way you can admire it is staying close to the tank, we feel that there should be some kind of barrier to facilitate the movement of the crowd or to allow a better view from afar. As shown in the picture above, the view can be quite limited at some exhibits.
Jelly fishes
Nevertheless we still managed to view some Jelly fishes in the smaller aquarium. The pulsating dances of the Jellyfishes is mezmorizing and enchanting to watch.

Zone 5 : Open Ocean

Largest Window to the Ocean
One of the star exhibits of the S.E.A aquarium is in this zone. Billed as the world's largest window to the ocean, this zone housed the gentle giants of the sea such as leopard sharks, goliath groupers, Napoleon wrasses and not forgetting the magnificent mantra rays.
Ocean Dome
On the right side of the window panel is the ocean dome. Get a 180 degree view of the ocean from within.
Looking through the dome
The best views are on the side rather than up the dome. Nevertheless that did not stop us from lying down and admiring the bridge up ahead.
Man @ Work
Do look out for interesting species such as men who are hard at work maintaining the aquarium. If you look a little closer, you can also spot the windows of the Ocean Suites. For those staying in the Ocean Suites do note that visitors of the S.E.A aquarium could actually see your room! We are not sure if you can draw the curtains as we do not see any while we were there.
View of Ocean Suites

Zone 6 : Arabian Gulf and Arabian Sea

Coral Reefs
Step into the Arabian shores and witness the colours of the overhanging coral reefs

Zone 7 : Red Sea

Zone 8 : East Africa

The Red Sea is the home of coral reefs, producing the most colourful and beautiful ecosystem in the world.As for East Africa, look our for the African tigerfish, the piranhas of Africa!
Life beneath the sea

Zone 9 South China Sea

We head down to the South China Sea where is it home to the lobsters . Make a stop at the Moray Eel enclosure where kids gets to crawl into a small cave for a closer look at them.
Moray Eel

Zone 10 : Shark Seas

Sharks alert
As we reach the end of the journey, we were greeted by sharks swimming above our head. The sharks must be wondering how they could get their jaws around the visitors beneath them.
Swimming with Sharks
With that we end the tour with S.E.A aquarium. Like most new attractions, there is something magical on the first visit. Let's hope S.E.A aquarium can upkeep the aquariums and the magic that comes with it.
Shark Boys
See you next time sharks!

The Little Details
S.E.A. Aquarium
Operating Hours*: 10:00AM-07:00PM
One Day Pass Tickets
Adults : $29
Kids (4-12) : $20
Senior (above 60) : $20


  1. hi M,

    SEA no crowd control? The jellyfish-people jam is bad!

    Since you have been there twice, please tell me top-3 sights which I must not miss. I going weekend, and only got two hours with 2 kids (under 6years old).

    Kam Sia,
    andy (SengkangBabies)

  2. The kids would like the touch pool.(zone 2) open ocean (zone 5) and sharksea (zone 10) but 2 hours can cover all , not too big space about 400m . However the maritime museum might distract u so allocate 30min for it. Have fun ah..

  3. Thanks for the review.
    Planning to go this June school holiday.
    Prices have already gone up, though - $33 for adults; $23 for seniors and kids below 12.

  4. So Expensive!
    When the Van Kleef aquarium was around, I remembered I paid something like $1 for student's admission, and I make it a point to go every two weeks.
    Though that's many years back but it was affordable and it built up my interests in the sea world.

    With today's prices, I wonder how many locals will visit often, at most only once. That's a shame because, all the attractions now in Sentosa, including Garden By The Bay, Singapore Flyer, are only affordable by tourists and those who have good income. shouldn't a better pricing be set aside for Singaporeans? What if another SARS-like epidemic drive the tourists away? Who will they depend on then?

    1. u can always join as a islander to take free tram to RWS, then apply for a yearly pass which is pretty decent at $88 as u can go in unlimited number of times.


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