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Brother Love

We don't see eye to eye every time

Dearest Sons
I write this letter with a smile on my face. In these short years, I have seen some interactions amongst brothers that are too sweet to believe and at times too bitter to stomach. Here are Daddy's top 3 dislikes and likes on the interactions between both of you.

Top 3 Dislikes

Constant fighting over the SAME toy

Why? Why? Why?

You have the options of many alternative toys in front of you. Yet both of you would choose the same toy at the same time! It is worse if you have new toys. To counter this, we have bought identical toys at times( which your dad thinks it's a big waste of money and I have mentally removed the said amount spend from your future allowance). In addition, the identical toy must be 100% the same. No variation of colours or size, else the in-fighting will begin again.I do see the other side of this madness, both of you just want to emulate each other because both simply just admire the other and want to be exactly the same.

Who is the bigger terror
The older boy would complain that the younger one beats him. The younger one would be alleged the older one started it first. It is a never-ending cycle and fast becoming a daily routine. A constant buzzing that your parents have grown to be relatively immune.

The Cold War
After a fight, most of the time both of you need to be separated. At times, neither of you are willing to admit that you are wrong, this leading to a Cold War. In these instances, both Mommy and Daddy have to entertain each of you individually while you cool down. Boys, your parents are not fans of Cold War as it keeps the family apart rather than having the opportunity to be together. Understand that Daddy and Mommy don't choose sides, both of you are a part of us and we don't choose to 'Sayang' the right hand or spank the left.

Top 3 Likes
Brothers@ Play
Best friends
At times you boys decide to throw your parents a spanner and decide that you are the best of friends. It would mean playing a game together or sitting down next to each other sharing a packet of chips while watching Cartoon Network. On these occasions when you share, your parents feel vindicated at their roles at raising good boys. It may be a fleeting moment or at times an hour or so, but trust us when we say we cherish those precious moments of fun and laughter.

Giving in to each other whims and demands
Age would mellow most beast... Your father knows this from personal experience. It does come to a pleasant surprise that you both choose to start sharing your toys at this tender age. Even though you both insist the other to say 'pleaseeeeeee' in the cutest manner possible, I think it is a step up. At the very least, you learn to be courteous. There are other ways to get what you want from each other instead of the traditional screams and cries.

I will be there for you
The one thing that made me proud is that both of you are responsible for each other. The older of you would look out for your younger brother in playgrounds when there is a crowd. The younger of you would take a tissue and wipe your brother's tears when he cries ( probably a trait he picked up from the older one). At moments like this, I see what Brother love really means. Keep this up, boys.
Brother Love
Remember Daddy's letter to you on "He ain't heavy, he's my brother"?

Daddy is proud to say today that you have at a tender age appreciate each other as brothers. There may be miscues along the way but at the end of the day, you would turn to each other and know in your heart that you love your brother.

That will always put the smile back to your Old Man's face.

Love Dad

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