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WowART Learning Studio June Holiday Programmes

WowArt Learning Studio
A couple of months ago, my older brother had a lesson at WowArt Learning Studio. It was a good experience for him. As for my parents, they were impressed by the quality of art work done in just one session.

I want to join!
As I was only 2, I was unable to join my brother as the minimum age for classes is at 2.5 years old (ARTPLAY). WowArt Learning Studio must have sense my disappointment and invited me to attend a term class in June. I am definately looking forward to the start of the arts lessons.
Hurray to that!
Wow News
For those who are interested in Arts and would like to give it a shot, we highly recommend WowArts base on our experience. They have workshops and a camp running in June catering to different arts interest.

Details are as follows

June holidays are fast approaching and WowArt have fun and exciting programs planned for you! Expect a unique art experience as we explore the movie world this June. Travel with us to different parts of the world as we follow the penguins in ‘Happy Feet’, right back to the Stone Age with ‘The Croods’ and many more! You can also join our popular canvas painting classes and learn about the pioneer artists of the French Impressionist Movement. Unleash your creative juices and make the June holidays a memorable and fulfilling one. Shoot us an email to register your interest now!
Source : WowARt Learning Studio

Kids on Canvas ( 2 Workshop passes, 2.5 hours)
Wow! Workshops ( 1 workshop pass, 75 min)
Wow Camp ( 2 Day Camp Pass)
1 workshop pass : $38
2 workshop passes : $70
5 workshop passes : $175
10 workshop passes : $330
Workshops are available for ages 2.5-4 and 5-12. Wow Camp is for age 5-12 only.For information and registration, do call them at 6532 2221or email at
The Wacky Duo have a special treat for our readers, Simply quote "The Wacky Duo" during booking for a 10% discount off the holiday programes.

WowART Learning Studio

200 Upper Thomson Road #01-10 Thomson Imperial Court Singapore 574424

Schedules as follows. For more details , do visit WowARt Learning Facebook Fanpage

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