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Light Vs Dark @ Singapore Philatelic Museum

Troopers @ Singapore Philatelic Museum
"You underestimate the power of the Dark Side"
Darth Vader

Light vs Dark Exhibit
Light vs Dark Exhibit
Light Vs Dark @ Singapore Philatelic Museum
We headed down to Singapore Philatelic Museum last week when we heard that Stormtroopers will be making an appearance at the Dark Vs Light Exhibit. This exhibit is also part of the Children Season 2013. Check out the things to do for this June Holidays here!

Located on the 1st floor at the Lee Foundation Atrium. The exhibit showcase an impressive array of Star Wars collectible action figures as well as movie memorabilia. The Exhibition is a collaboration between avid Singaporean memorabilia collectors and the Singapore Philatelic Museum.

Emperor's Arrival
The main displays
The centerpiece of this exhibit would probably be the rare stamps associated with Star Wars. However the main exhibit that caught our eyes is the Emperor Arrival Scene made up of over 800 LEGO figures. We started our LEGO collection with Star Wars and thus this scene holds a special place in our hearts ( In truth Daddy had influence us on Star Wars lore when we were still babies!)
Emperor's Arrival Scene
Collectibles and action figures
Other than the impressive LEGO exhibit, here are also collectibles and over 50 pieces of Action Figures.
Wall of Collectibles
I had wanted to take these action figures out to play but was unfortunately stop by....
I want this!
A Stormtrooper and a Tie Fighter Pilot!
Daddy thought I would be afraid of them, but given my 'training' with large costume characters, I was delighted to be in the company of my favourite Star Wars Characters.
Hands up!
The Tie Fighter Pilot even loan me his gun to ward off the Stormtrooper. Ha! You don't scare me Stormie!
Darth Duck
Back to the exhibits. I was amazed that there is a version of Darth Duck on display. I guess with Walt Disney buying Lucas Arts , it will be a matter of time when Star Wars appears on Disneyland!
The Emperor is here
Star Wars Vehicles
Star War Vehicles
For fans of Star Wars Vehicles, there is also a display showcasing the iconic Star Wars vehicles such as AT-AT Walker, Tie Fighter and the works.
We spotted the Millennium Falcon on display as well. However the biggest one of them all, the Death Star was not on display.
Millennium Falcon
3¾inch Action Figures
Over 900 action figures on display
The star of the show would undoubtedly be the 900 3¾inch figures collected over 18 years of Star Wars history. Try finding your favourite star wars character here!
Number 372 - Master Yoda
It is no surprise who we were inspired for our bob hairdo. Check out Anakin Skywalker's hair on Episode 1 for proof that we are bona-fide Star Wars fans.
Same Hair as Anakin
There are also 3 life size replica's in case you miss out on the 'real live' Troopers.Here is one of me with R2D2. I am almost as tall as him now...
Me and R2D2
The other 2 on display are the jet black Tie Fighter pilot and the striking red Emperor's guard.
Guards of Light Vs Dark
The Troopers
Tie Fighter Pilot
Tuck in the corner of the Exhibits, we spotted what we are here for... The Troopers!On the day we were there, the Tie Fighter Pilot and Stormtrooper were making their rounds at the exhibit.
Hi Handsome!
We could not resist taking some memento photos with them. Even Mommy and Daddy got in the act!
In case you are wondering, there are limited edition stamp sets as well as R2D2 miniature post boxes on sale. This will be good for the hardcore Star Wars collectors.
Stamps and R2D2 Po Box
Before you can say ' The Force is with You' , our little Stars Wars adventure is coming to an end.
Strike a pose.
For those who want to catch a glimpse of the Troopers, you can catch them on 2nd June and 16th June at 2pm. They are friendly and most willing to take photos with you.
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There are other activities such as "May the Fourth Be With You" programme, 3D Figurine Workshops and many more. Full details can be found here.

No prize for guessing what we decided to play for the night...
Our Personal Troopers
' The force is strong in this one'

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