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Expert Shield - Screen Protectors review

Expert Shield
A call from out of the Blue

Recently, we had recieved an email from Ed from Expert Shield UK . He had apparently read my post on the Olympus OMD and figured that I am in love with my camera. I guess he is right in some manner as I readily agreed to his offer of sending a few Expert Shield Screen Protectors for my devices.

All the Way from UK
First Overseas Sponsor
I was initially hesitant on the offer. What has protective screens got to do with a family blog? However I realize, protective screens are a necessary especially since I have little fingers aka my boys pawing my devices . It does what it said - protect your devices from the little ones. With that thought , I decided to give this a shot.

Lo and behold, we have our first overseas Sponsor from UK. ( Whoo Hoo! )
Having several experiences with other screen protectors, I was initially skeptical about the Expert Shield. The claims on the cover seems too good to be true. Furthermore I had do have screen protectors on my devices (albeit a cheap non descriptive one), hence had some reluctance to remove them.

Ed decided to test my resolve by providing me with screen protectors for my beloved OMD as well as a newly acquired Samsung Galaxy S4. When it arrived, I just could not resist to give it a go.
Expert Shield For Olympus OM-D
In the package
The package comes in a hard cardboard paper that protects its contents well.In the package is the screen protector as well as an Expert Shield branded lint free cleaning cloth measuring a generous 10cm x 10cm.

The application was as per what is stated, easy to apply. It took me a few times to get the alignment right. I do not notice any residue when I removed the screen to reapply.
Cleaning the screen.
Before you start fixing the screen protector, do give it a good wipe with the cloth protected to remove any dust that would interfere with the application.
A tip for those who self apply. Add another tape on the other side of the provided tape so you can easily remove the screen protector should you need to reapply.
Before and After
In less than 10 minutes, the screen is up and ready. If you enlarge the picture above, you could tell the difference as the old screen had some swirl marks on the screen vs the new one. Due to it's ultra-high transparency, the image is clearer with the new screen protector as well.
Expert Shield for Samsung Galaxy S4
The application process as well as the time taken to apply the Samsung S3 is similar to the OMD. The great thing about this screen protector is that you can remove and adjust a couple of time and it still fits fine at the end of the day. My earlier experiences with other screen protectors have not been so pleasant and most of the time I would need the sales staff to assist in the application of screen protectors or risk ruin them.
Work in Progress
The best feature of this screen protector is the clarity it provides. Previously on my old matt screen protector, I can hardly see the screen under bright sunlight. With the Expert Shield clear Screen protector, I was blown away with the clarity under the same harsh bright condition ( see photo)
For this alone, I would highly recommend this to protect your devices.
I am sure the boys will be lured by the brighter and sharper screens, but at least the protective screens have anti scratch coating to prevent the boys from damaging it from prolong use.

The other great feature, it clings to the screen without air bubbles. No hassle to apply even for a relative novice like me.
Expert Shield is available for most devices
Expert Shields are available for a wide array of devices, from cameras, to phones to tablets and other devices. It has various fits for different brands, so it would not be hard to find the screen protector for the perfect fit.
Check out the full range at expert shield websiteThe details for the OMD screen protector (GBP 6.95) can be found here.The details for the Samsung S4 screen protector(GBP 6.95) can be found here.
The good news is that they ship worldwide even Singapore (Delivery charges applies). I got mine in about a week within confirmation, so props to their efficiency.
That being said. The best screen protection for the iPads, iPhones, S4 fom the kids is actually free... Just take the devices away from the kids!

Wacky Giveaway!

With the generosity from the good folks at Expert Shield we are giving away 1 screen protector each for the following phone choice ( Phone not included lah)

  • Samsung Galaxy S4
  • Apple iPhone 5
  • Apple iPhone 4s
Do the following to qualifyby 7th June
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We love sharing , so we hope you would share this too!

Wacky T & C
  • The above steps must be completed to qualify
  • Giveaway close on 7th June 2359 and results will announce on Facebook on 11th June
  • Giveaway is open to everyone with a valid Singapore Address for delivery. ( no PO box and Hotel Rm)
  • Winner to respond by 15th June on collection details, else giveaway will be forfeited.
  • We reserve the right to choose another winner in the event of a forfeit.
  • Winner will be selected randomly and The Wacky Duo decision is absolutely final. One Prize per winner.

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