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National Family Celebrations 2013

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The National Family Celebrations is back for 2013!

In case you are unaware, NFC is an annual national event to celebrate and reinforce the importance of family. Launched in 1985 by the National Family Council with strong support from the Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF), NFC 2013 seeks to bring an array of family activities and events for families to share and enjoy. 

It's our honour to announce that we are part of the official family bloggers selected for this event which starts from the 29th May to 29 June.

This year, youth will have a bigger stake leading to the event. There will be increased opportunities for them to showcase and explore youth-initiated family projects. This expansion of youth involvement will be lead by the establishment of the 24 member NFC 2013 Youth Sub Committee.

The theme for this year celebration is 100%  Family. A theme we readily identify.

The five family values that strengthen the family fabric - Love, Mutual Respect, Communication, commitment and filial responsibility are revisited during the celebrations

Personally, as a Daddy, I think the above value are good values to inculcate to our children
  • Love - Showing love for one another from the husband to the wife, to the parents and children, to sibling love. Love is the fabric of the family. The thread that makes clothes to warm and protect the families it clothe. Love is the essential building block of a family made to last.
  • Mutual Respect- Respect is something that is earned and not given. For your children to respect you, you must lead by example and show respect towards each other.
  • Communication - A family that communicates is one that makes feelings known to each other. Every 'I Love You' and 'I Miss You' would hold more meaning if spoken to each other. Communication also means sharing the highs and lows, likes and dislikes so the family can understand each other better.
  • Commitment - Be there for the family in good times and in bad. Knowing that there will be someone to stand by you regardless of the outcome is one that gels a family together.
  • Filial Responsibility - Showing respect to your own parents in front of your children would most likely warrant the same set of filial piety your children will bestow you. We always believe that if we lead by examples, our children would learn and hopefully do the same when they are older.
I think it is important to place Family First as it is what life is meant to be. You respect and love the one who gave you life. You protect and cherish the one you give life to. It is an endless cycle of responsibility and love that we embraced as a family unit.

This year the NFC kicks off the celebration with live edutainment- The 100% Family Show on 29th May. It will continue with a series of events that will lead to the iconic Family Day Out on 29th June. This year, the main event will also feature the nation's first-ever 6:29 is Family Time movement on 29 June at 6.29pm

For more information, do visit or Family First! Facebook for more information  on the opening date event on 29th May as well as the main event on 29th June

Highlights of NFC Celebrations
100% Family show (Launch Event)
Venue : Scape warehouse 
Date : 29th May 2013 Wed
Time : 430pm to 630pm
Events : Performances y THE SAM WILLOWS, DERRICK HO and JACK & RAI

Family Day Out Carnival 
Venue : Marina Bay Waterfront Promenade
Date : 29th June 2013 Sat 
Time : 10 am to 7pm
Events :  Rock Climbing, Sailing and Laser Tag . Free Outdoor screening of Ah Boys to Men II

6:29 Family Time
Launch of first -ever nationwide movement. Singaporeans are encouraged to express appreciation to their families via various online and mobile communication means, as a symbolic commitment towards the family


More than 15000 free tickets will be given out to families to spend time toether at various attractions such as Resorts World Sentosa's S.E.A aquarium, Singapore Flyer, Singapore River Cruise, Rock-Climbing at Climb Asia, Sentosa, iFly Singapore, Gardens by the Bay's conservatories, Cathat Cineplexes and Singapore Cable Car Rides. Log into by 14th June to enter.

There are concurrent contest running at nfc.sgsuch as 100% family snap and win and T-shirt design contest. We took part in the family look alike contest for NFC 2012 and was runner up for the contest. 

So do not hesitate, take part today!
Family First Lookalike contest Runner Up

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