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Bedtime stories : The Thing Under My Bed

The Thing Under my Bed
Product Review

Bedtime stories have been far and few in between the household. Most of the time we are either playing till we sleep or there is a lack of books to read.

To our delight , publisher Ethos books and the author Adeline Foo, had offered to sponsor one of her four "Monsters in the mind" series for kids for our bedtime read.

About the author
About the author
Adeline Foo is the author of the best seller "The Diary of Amos Lee" that was first published in 2009. All 5 title have made it to the Straits Times best seller list for more than 84 weeks. In addition, ' The Diary of Amos Lee' had been adapted to animation shorts as well as a tv show on Medicorp kids channel okto.
The "Thing under my bed " is part of her "Monsters in the Mind " series.

When we were shown the books, we are pretty excited about reading it. In fact we could not wait till bedtime to read it and insist Daddy to read to us after dinner.

Who is making the noise?
Beautifully illustrated by Christopher Martin, the book captivates our imagination form the very first page.

The story is about Buster who loves snacking before bedtime. However he has the bad habit of tossing his half eaten food under his bed. One night, he hears strange noises. He had imagine it coming from under his bed and thought there is a monster underneath!

Was there really a monster underneath ?

We would not divulge the ending. However it was a good read for us. We like it especially so when Daddy made those monster sounds and pretend to be one while reading to us. The book has many actionable section that Daddy loves to act out. Just imagine him pretending to be a monster and chasing us around.

Scary, we say...

Nevertheless we did learn a thing or two from the book.

  • One - never eat before bedtime
  • Two- to clean up our mess before we sleep
  • Three- Daddy can be a scary monster!

"The Thing under My Bed" and the rest of the "Monster in the mind series " is targeted at children ages 6 and above.Each stories comes with a moral and touches on various positive values of love, kindness and trust. We enjoyed the book, especially Louis who is half of 6. He is particularly fascinated with the illustrations of monsters in the book.

"The Thing under My Bed" is available at Kinokuniya bookstores, MPH Bookstores, Times the Bookshops, and Popular bookstores, as well as smaller bookstores such as Select Books, and Bookabura.It retails at $14.44.

Online purchase are available here.
"Monsters in the mind" series
Wacky Giveaway
Thanks to Ethos books, we have a copy of another " Monsters in the Mind" series for giveaway. Entitled "Nu Nu, the ring neck Monster" , the book is about Nu Nu who use her wits to engage a ring-necked monster to fend of the hungry beast.

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