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Singapore Cable Car Museum Review

Singapore Cable Car @ Mount Faber
Have you heard about the Singapore Cable Car museum?
Neither have we, till we stumbled upon it when we took the cable car to Sentosa.

Jewel box
Our adventure started with a ride on the cable car from Mount Faber. We decided to fly into Sentosa for our impromptu day out at Sentosa.

Before we got on the 15 minutes flight, we had a pit stop at the men's room.
This is probably one of the best view from a toilet in Singapore

Flying high with Singapore Cable car
The journey into Sentosa was a leisurely 15 minutes ride. The tickets sold are round trip tickets, so you can choose to alight at Sentosa or stay in the cable car for a roundabout trip.

Cable cars
We took the new 4th generation cable car which is outfitted with glass panels. The view was simply gorgeous from within.

Fantastic Views!
Before long, we have reached Sentosa. The Simgapore Cable Car Museum is located on the right of the exit. Walked down a flight of steps when you turn right.

You would not miss it.
Sinapore Cable car museum
The museum had been around since August 2011. However it is not publicised as a Sentosa attraction. We think it is because it is under the management of Jewel Box which operates the cable car museum as well as the facilities at The Jewel Box on Mount Faber.

Given the lack of information, we decided to bring you around for a quick tour.

If you are a facts and figures person, you may be interested in the short facts of the Singapore Cable Cars.

So cheap!
We were most amaze by the fares of the cable car back in the 1970s when it was first launched.Today a ticket on the cable car cost $26 per adult and $15 per child
Prices have since inflated from the 70s. Singapore is getting expensive !

Different generations of cable car
We past through a corridor exhibiting the different generations of cable cars. Here are some facts on the cabins

1st Generations

1st Generation
  • Launched in Febuary 1974
  • 43 Original Cabins made to seat 6
  • Maual Doors

2nd Generation

2nd Generation
  • Replace the 1st Generation in 1994
  • Automatic Doors
  • Recorded commentary
  • Exterior Lightings

Novelty Lego Cabin

Lego Cable Car
  • World's only life size cable car cabin by LEGO
  • Created in 1994
  • Cost $34000 to build and assembled in 30 hours with 10000 blocks
  • Use only for display
  • Weighs a whopping 200kg!

3rd Generation

3rd Generations
  • Introduced in Dec 1995
  • World's first glass bottom cable car cabins
  • Seats 6 passengers
  • Back to Back seating

3rd generation VIP

  • Fitted with red leather upholstered chairs and seats 4
  • Sound System and CD Player

Given the plush settings, it comes to no surprise which cabin we prefer.

Inside the VIP cabin

Service Cabin

Service Cabin
  • Use for servicing and maintaining the Cable Cars
Would you ride in this?
Angry bird cabin
  • Novelty item
  • Tie up with Angry Bird in 2012
It was a blast exploring the cabins, getting in and out and pretending that we are on the actual cable car. It was a good hour spend playing getting familiar with the cabins.

For history buffs, there are panels which gives a brief on how Sentosa Cable cars have evolved through the years of the 1970s to current
Take a peek at the past
Interesting facts
History of Sentosa Cabins

Sentosa is not the only place that has cable cars. There are at least 25 or more cable car set up around the world. Perhaps one day we will have the chance to experience all of them
Cable cars around the world
Tickets only cost $5 per adult and $3 per child in 1994!

There is a tiny store tuck away in the corner for souvenir hunters.
Admission to the museum is at $3 per person. Ticket holders of Sentosa Cable Cars will have free admission to the museum.
Souvenir shop

In case you are wondering, we are now at the 4th generation of cable cars known as the jewel box edition. To be honest, we do miss the colourful cable cars of the past. Our favourite are the red and yellow cabins of yesteryear.

The next time you take the cable car into Sentosa, do pop in the museum for a tour. We reckoned it will be an interesting option as part of your Sentosa adventure. History buffs will enjoy a glimpse of Singapore history while kids will enjoy exploring the different cabins on display.

For those travelling in a family of 4, we recommend the Jewel Card.
It cost $99 and is valid for 1 year.The one way trip is for a family with 2 kids is already at $82.
With this card, you get unlimited Cable car rides as well as free entries for car to Sentosa for 1 year. In addiiton, you will enjoy a wider array of Sentosa Islander benefits as well. Full Details here.

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