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Get Lucky with Canon Creative Park : Maneki Neko,

Canon Creative Park - Source Canon
Canon Creative Park

If you are our regular reader, you may have read about the boys' holiday creativity with Canon Pixma workshop. In addition, they had so much fun making their own Party Crafts at home.

Canon Party Craft
I was quite envious when I see them enjoying their crafts. I decided for today, I will attempt to make my own craft. That means a visit to Canon Creative Park, the one stop website that literately has thousand of crafts for you to explore and attempt.
Canon Pixma MG5470
Canon Pixma MG 5470
Armed with the Canon Pixma MG5470, smugly sitted at the corner of the tv console, the black gloss Canon Pixma is a welcoming sight. I am ready to rock and craft!
With a nifty printer speed of 15 ipm(b/w) and 10ipm (colour), the craft work was ready in a flash. All these were done without even turning on the computer as the printer is wireless enabled and the prints were send from the iPad.

For more product updates and promotions on Canon Pixma printers, do visit Canon Facebook.
Lucky Cat
Vivid Colours
Feeling lucky, I decided to try my hand at making a Menki Neko (Lucky Cat) . The Maneki Neko is a well known "beckoning cat" that is beloved in Japan. This is a lucky cat that beckons for good fortune. Given that most would not quarrel with a little extra fortune, it is no surprise I had picked this to be the Craft of the Day.
What you need
Materials needed
  • Canon Pixma Printer
  • 10 sheets of Canon Matte Photo Paper ( A4)
  • Scissors
  • Glue ( Preferably Craft Glue)
Sounds simple enough?
Actually it is alot more challenging than your normal cut and paste.
Is this a lucky cat?
First off, we have to cut the portions needed to make the Craft. This was actually the difficult part of making Craft. With the intricate patterns, this process may take a while depending on the complexity of the Craft Design. I had actually toyed with the idea of making an architectural model. However after reading the instructions, it may be a project that will take hours that I could not afford.
Glue them
The next step would be the gluing process.I would recommend craft glue as normal glue does not bond well with the matte paper.
Smile Maneki Neko!
Within an hour, the head is all prepared. That being said, it took me more than 2 hours to complete the project. It certainly is much tougher than it looks. You need both determination and tons of patience to complete this!

In other words, this is not a craft for the little Wackies. For younger kids, you may want to explore Canon Pixma Town that has a greater variety of child friendly crafts.
Choose your Fortune
After some nick and tuck, Maneki Neko is ready to spread good fortune to the household!
Good Fortune Cat
The final output measures a good 25 cam tall. It still has alot of room for improvement and that could be attribute to my mediocre skills for Craft work ( maybe I should take some lessons from the Wackies)
Maneki Neo with Canon Pixma Printer
For a better finish craft product, I do recommend the Canon Matte Photo Paper ( available at $19.90 for a packet of 50) as the thickness of the paper would make it a better craft alternative compared to normal paper.
Canon Matter Paper
Overall it is an interesting experience with the Craft work. It can provide a source of hours of fun, especially with kids. All I have to do now is to find sponsors for the Craft paper and the ink for the printer as such intense usage for craft have already drain 1/3 of our craft supplies.

Who would have guess a Printer could have provided hours of fun?Check out our other creative works at
Thanks Canon for the use of Canon Pixma Printer!
Are you feeling lucky?
Lucky Trio
There is a Vote and Win contest from 17th June to 7 July.
Do head on down to Holiday Creativity with Canon Pixma website and give us a Vote as your favourite Creative Craft Guru. You might just get lucky and win yourself a prize!
We are listed as Daddy M for this contest. Do support us!
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