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Celebrate Father's Day with Prima Deli

A surprise from Prima Deli
I have been a daddy for 6 years now. This means that I will be celebrating my 6th Father's Day on 16th June. All these years of fatherhood, I did not have the luxury of having a cake to celebrate this day. The boys are a little young to buy a cake and it is awkward to get a cake for yourself.

World's Best Dad
It was a pleasant surprise when Prima Deli offered to deliver a specially made Father's Day cake for me. I was beaming with delight when the cake was presented to me. The tag "World's Best Dad " helps in multiplying the smiles.

Er, no, I did not put it in myself. It comes with the cake!
We decided to have an early celebration since we will be put of town during Father's Day and would not enjoy this cake on the actual day.
I want the first bite!
The wifey was a little envious as she has not have a cake for Mother's Day ( I must remember to get one for her next year! ) but she had kindly volunteered to test taste it with me along with the boys.
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PrimaDéli’s World’s Best Dad cake is a velvety smooth cake consisting of bittersweet chocolate truffle ganache between soft and moist chocolate sponge, topped with chocolate ornaments, fresh strawberries and raspberries.

Sounds yummy?
We all agreed it was a delicious treat for us. The cake was the 520g version and is more than enough for our little family of 4.
The World’s Best Dad cake is available in both standard size 520g, priced at $30.80 and per kg, priced at $44.80/kg, at all PrimaDéli outlets from 3 June to 16 June 2013.

If you want to surprise your Daddy, go ahead, book a cake. I am sure he will appreciate the gesture very much!

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