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Get Bubbly @ Festive Grand RWS

Bubble Legendary @ Festive Grand

The Grandmaster of Bubbles had landed in Singapore!

Last night we had an invitation from RWS for the opening night of Bubble Legendary at Festive Grand @ Rws. When we were told we are watching a bubble show, we are elated. After all kids like just just could not resist the magic of bubbles, much less gigantic bubbles.
The Wackies @ Rws
We were greeted at the entrance by a table of bubbly products. We were so tempted to get one! Unfortunately Mommy and Daddy refuse to bulge. They could not imagine adding to the half dozen bubble apparatus we already possess at home despite our relentless pleads that the ones on sale are different...
Lelong bubbles
Back to the show.

With our tickets on hand, we headed straight into the familiar Festive Grand theatre. Who could forget the fabulous times we had with Voyage de la Vje and INCANTO on the same premise.
It's bubble time!
The last time we were here , Didi had some 'issues' with the show and had insisted on going home. Well history repeat itself?
Show is starting
Opening to an almost pack house, the show began with a series of short videos that showcase some of Fan Yang record breaking moments ( he has 18 by the way) Overall the short films were rather raw and perhaps a little dated. Nevertheless, the anticipation thickens for the main event.
Source : RWS
Source :RWS
The show started with the father and son pairing of Fan Yang and Deni Yang. The oohs and the aahs can be heard from the children once the bubbles are blown.

If you are guessing the nationality of Fan Yang, he is of Hungarian-Vietnamese descent living in Canada and performing in Singapore and various part of the world. He is famous for making bubbles his art and is a renowned bubble scientist ( he create his own bubble formulas) and performer with over 2 decades of bubble performances under his belt.

We heard he even place an elephant in a bubble before!
His son Deni is also in the show. We were quite impressed with his flair for showmanship and reckoned he is a worthy successor to the show. In fact the new season of the original 'Gazillion bubble show ' ( which this show is base on) is said to be helm by the young artist.
Source : RWS
There were no elephants in the show, but there are bubbles within bubbles, gigantic bubbles, bubbles shower and even kids in bubbles! Throw in a few dazzling lighting effects and you have a great show ahead.
There were at least 3 audience participation segments which we think it is too many given that this is only a 75 minutes long show with a 15 minutes intermission break.
The show ended with a spectacular laser light show and the entire theatre was blanketed with a bubble shower! Obviously the boys along with a host of children and some adults were shrieking in delight in this 'Legend Of the Sea' finale.
The finale
So what's our verdict?

We enjoyed the show, especially the bubbles performances by Fan Yang. We did got a little lost at certain segments as it was not visually clear from the angle we were seated. There were times we had to rely on the screen by the side for a better view of what is happening on stage.
The pacing of the show,which was interlink with short videos,got us a little lost as well. The light show, spectacular on its own,seemed a little detach from the bubble show itself. We think the show could be better if more focus is on the bubbles performances, especially the gigantic bubbles.
Lights ON!
The show is targeted at families with kids rather than adults. Adults may nitpick at certain segments of the show. However, for us, a show with alot of bubbles does captivate and feels magical to us.
As for Didi's initial fear, let's just say he did not insist on going home during the show. He was glued to the action from the first bubble, clapping along whenever a bubble pop!
A special thanks to RWS for organising this treat for us!

Thanks Daddy for the 'light sabers' too!
Thanks Rws
A piece of good new for our fans.
We have a special quote that allows a child to go free with every 2 adults tickets booked. Simply quote BLOGGER at the checkout.
Do be quick as the show ends this Sunday on 9 June!
Place : Festive Grand RWS
Date : 6-9 June
Tickets at $28, $48, $58 , $68 and $88

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