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My Tree House : The world 1st Green library for kids

Entrance to my Treehouse

On 31st May, Singapore added another world first to her already impressive resume.

 On that day, the world welcomes her 1st green library for kids at the Central Library located at Victoria street.

My treehouse mascot
It's our privilege to be invited to the pre-opening tour of My Tree House. We get to be one of the first to test-drive these new premises made especially for kids.

My Tree House mascot- the squirrel greeted us at the door.
Eco features

The tree house
My tree house is aptly named after the centerpiece of the new library. The tree structure is constructed with recycled materials. The 'leaves' of the tree is entirely made of recycled bottles.

Bottled leaves
Naturally it became our first destination when we arrived at the library. In fact the colourful structure made us feel like we are in a playground, that is until our parents remind us to be quiet in the library.

I like!
Do note the tree structure supports only 25 kids, so do take care while playing!

A friendly reminder
Another Eco feature of this library is the shadow play wall. It has a 'knowledge' tree that will teach the children on environment and energy conservation.

Interactive shadow play
In addition, the Weather Stump charts real-time weather information provided by the Meteorological service Singapore. It can be quite a challenge for the younger kids to read it and most likely they will get 'stump' by it like we did.
Weather Stump
The Setup

The library
The library is catered for kids are 0-12. The sections are divided into fiction and non fiction section

In addition, the books are arranged to cater to a specific age group. That would mean children of different ages will get to enjoy a section that specifically caters to their needs.

Books for all ages.
The section that would interest us most would be the cozy corner made for ages 0-3. We love the little nooks with beanbags for us to cuddle in for a read. The chairs are also inter-linkable, giving us extra 'games ' to explore.

Cozy corner
The other section will be the picture books catering to ages 4-6.

For ages 4-6

There is also a bilingual and Hanyu Pinyin section. Mommy is particularly interested in the Hanyu Pinyin section as she prepares me for primary 1 next year. She is glad she does not need to search all over the place to find this section.
Hanyu Pinyin

Other than the books, we love the decor of My Tree House. It really gave us the impression that we are roaming in the rainforest.

We are roaming in the rainforest.
My Tree House is home to 45,000 books with about 30% of them focusing on green topics such as animals, plants, nature, water resources, environmental changes and climate change.
It certainly live up to its Eco namesake.

My Tree House residents
Just check out the creatures and plants we discovered in My Tree House.

Spot the Wackie!
Wackies are not included in this exhibit.
Reading gone hi tech
In addition to physical books, there are a few terminals avaliable for kids who prefer e-reading instead. Given how children have been expose to devices such as iPads, computers and the works, it is no surprise that it got intrigued as well.

Story telling
We love how we could actually make a little noise in our corner at the National Library. Usually for most libraries , we are reminded to keep our volumes down. In this library meant for kids, rules are a bit more kids friendly. Do note that this does not mean kids can shout at the top of their lungs as there are no doors separating the kids zone from the adult section.

Check out.
We were so inspired that we decided to borrow a few books home. The last time we did that was when we visited the library at Marine Parade.

A big thanks to the National Library for invitation to tour around My Tree House.
Nice chairs!
The Little Details
My Tree House is located at basement 1 within the central library
Address : Central library
100 Victoria street, #B1-01
Singapore 188064
Opening hours : 10am to 9pm daily

My tree house is open!

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