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Norton 360 Multi-Device Review

Norton 360 Multi-Device
Product Review

Since we started our Techie Thursday segment, we received a few invitation to review different tech products. A couple of weeks ago, Norton Singapore had offered to let us review their Norton 360 Multi Device protection plan.

Norton 350 Multi Device
The Noton 360 Multi Device is the ultimate protection for all the different types of devices that we have. It brings protection to multi platforms suck as PC, MAc, Android, iPhone and iPad. It means you can protect your devices with one product rather than source for products on various platform that cater specifically to
the device you hold.

The copy of Norton 360 Multi Device allos coverage of up to 5 devices. This means our PC, iPads , iPhones and Samsung S4 will be fully covered with one single solution.
Before we dive into the features, we need to set up the Norton 360 on the PC. Prior to setp up, it is necessary to remove any existing anti virus programmes to prevent conflict of interest.

Installation takes approximately 30 minutes and it fuss free.

Daddy was particularly interested in the Norton Family feature.
This feature allows you to track your child's web usage. With this tracking, you can track your child's internet usage. Since we are still young, Daddy is just concern we will not be surfing into sites that are unsuitable for children our age.

In addition to protecting us, we can also check if the websites are safe while we surf.
Green means safe!

Norton 360 also allows you to do a preheck on a website. If you are unsure if it is safe to visit, you can check the url first before proceeding. We did just that and am happy to say is safe!
Pre Check Website


  • You only need one program for a single integrated solution for all your various devices
  • Threats from virus are eliminated . Gives you protection for new an existing viruses
  • Parental Control Feature
  • Protects online identity theft when you bank or shop online
  • Protects against loss of PC files in the event of a hard disk drive
  • Protects mobiles devices , your personal information and privacy in the event of a loss or theft
  • Remote locate lost phone or devices via web or sms
  • Cloud based Norton Management that gives you complete control of your devices
Full Features can be found here

Protect your love ones today!
Given that we are active on the social platform such as blogs and facebook, we welcome the extra protection that Norton 360 Multi Device gave us. It will be a mini crisis should our PCs be compromised and all our pictures taken over the years disappeared. It had happened to us before when our hard disk crash and almost 2 years worth of precious memories are lost.

Remember to back up your precious moments
We know we made the right decision to install the Norton 360 when the Man of Steel endorse the Nortan 30 Mulit Device as well.

 For the latest updates in Norton products, do fly down to their facebook page for the latest news and tips on on online security. 

Wacky Giveaway

With the Norton Multi Devices installed, we feel safer getting online. The good guys from Norton Singapore has kindly decided to sponsor an additional copy of Norton 360 Multi device for giveaway to share this experience with one of our reader.
Do the following to qualify by 20th June
  1. Like The Wacky Duo Fanpage
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  3. Leave us the comment " Norton Power! "

Do share as we love sharing this with you!

Wacky T & C
  • The above steps must be completed to qualify
  • Giveaway close on 20th June 2359 and results will announce on Facebook on 24th June
  • Giveaway is open to everyone with a valid Singapore Address for delivery. ( no PO box and Hotel Rm)
  • Winner to respond by 28th June on collection details, else giveaway will be forfeited.
  • We reserve the right to choose another winner in the event of a forfeit.
  • Winner will be selected randomly and The Wacky Duo decision is absolutely final.
  • Prizes subject to change by Norton


  1. Norton Power! email :

    1. Hi Smartgirl, giveaway is on our facebook. Click the link above.

  2. Hope this is the saviour for my 'everyday date and time keep changing' PC and put a stop to having to set to the correct date and time whenever I need to go online. :P


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