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MegaBugs and IZ Hero @ Singapore Science Center

Megabugs Return
Last weekend we were whizzed off to the west end of the island to catch some Megabugs on the loose. These Megabugs threaten our existence in Singapore and it is up to the Wackies to save the world!

Er... It is an invitation from Singapore Science Centre to visit the Megabugs exhibit but we think it is more fun to play-pretend.

Megabugs return!
Upon entrance, we were greeted with sights of gigantic bugs upon the spiral tunnel. Bugs that we seldom notice are magnify by a million times ( ok maybe a thousand) for us to observe and learn.

There are panels by the side of the exhibit explaining the details on the insects. We had a guided tour and picked up a few facts on the bugs on display.Interesting facts that we bet you do not know
  • Do you know that Singapore has its own species of Tarantula called the Singapore Blue?
  • Cockroaches are the cleanest insect in the world.
  • Centipedes have odd number of legs
  • Most insects on display are females. Males does not exist long in Bugs world.
The deadly Ades mosquito
The Megabugs displays have both static and animatronics exhibits. Given the Megabugs size, we felt like we had been shrunk and travelling through a gigantic maze.
Mommy best friend- Mr cockroach
Surprisingly we enjoyed the exhibits very much. Daddy was sure the dark settings and the monstrous creepy crawlers will scare the wits out of us. However he did forget one important fact... We are big fans of Oggy and the Cockroaches ( a Cartoon Network show) , and bugs of all shapes and sizes fasicinate us!
The scorpion
If you are into bugs or just want to expose your child to another perspective of bugs, do hop down to the Megabugs exhibit located at the annex.
The fly
There are real life bugs on exhibit as well.
Real life stick insect
For kids, interactive stations such as colouring booth and bug caves are avaliable for exploration. We do wish the exhibits were interactive as well to get us more immerse in the exhibits.
Interactive stations
Look out for the bugs specimens that are immortalized near the end of the exhibit.
Bugs immortalised
Megabugs had made Science Center home since 20th April and will continue to breed there till 18th August. While you are there, you may want to catch the show 'A Rainforest Adventure- Bugs in 3D'

Megabugs Return admission charges( with Scs but exclude 3D show)
Adult $20, Child $15

Various packages available here

IZ Hero
In addition to Megabugs ,we have a quick tour through Singapore Science Centre latest permanent exhibit, the IZ hero.
IZ hero
We were welcome by Master Naam, the leader of the IZ heros
Mr Naam
The exhibit is located on the 2nd floor where it use to house exhibits protraying life in the future eras.
For this exhibit , it focus on the dangers kids would face on the Internet. The IZ heros are to defend against the informant army
Enter the battle zone
The exhibit may be a little overwhelming for young kids and too cute for the older ones. Nevertheless it promotes values and awareness that we had taken for granted on the online universe.
Beware of the dangers of Internet
There are several interactive sections that kids would like.
IZ exhibit
The kinect like panels is a sure hit with kids.
Let's battle!
We think is exhibit is targeted at primary school going kids age 6-12. Children of this age group would tend to be the most vulnerable when they are online. This exhibit helps to create awareness for them.
The battle begins
It is never too early to start this awareness, as I ask Dad what the following article means.
What is this dad?
There is also an open letter to parents on the dangers of unregulated Internet access. In Singapore, toddlers as young as 1 are already expose to the World Wide Web. In addition, most parents are quite lax on the usage of devices such as iPads and iPhones which are gateways to the Internet.

Daddy would agreed that regulation is a must. Till now, we are limited to the time we can play on the iPad . In addition, we have limited access to the Internet. Daddy has to be cautious as well in updating this journal as what goes on the Internet stays for a very very very long time.

Before we end off, here is another piece of good advice for parents. To ensure that your children are not expose to the harms of computer and Internet , do check the checklist here.
Checklist for parents
Thanks for Singapore Science Centre for this lovely day out. We have another special treat at the Snow City during this excursion. We will save that for another day.
Till then, Bugs away!

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