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Madame Tussads Sydney : Review

Madame Tussauds Sydney
"Let's go meet some stars!"

We thought we are heading to some observatory to see some faraway stars, little did we know we could catch them at Darling Harbour instead.

Daddy was excited about the next attraction we were to visit. He had always wanted to get up close with Superstars but had limited opportunities to do so. During our holiday in Sydney, we decided to fulfil his dreams by visiting Madame Tussads Sydney.

Mdm Tussads is originally from London and founded by Marie Tussad, a skilled wax modeller in the 1800s. Since then it had set branches worldwide and Sydney has one of them

Upon entry, we were greeted by historical figures . The first wax person we bump into was Captain Cook. I learned that he was one of the early explorer of modern Australia.
Captain Cook apprentice
Further in , we met a host of famous politicians. We have the head of states from Australia, China , US and even the Qeuuen in the same room.

Prince Charles meets the Queen

The wax figures were pretty impressive and look like their counterparts. I guess that is why Mdm Tussads is a must visit attraction for those wishing to get close to the stars.

Chiefs of the world

That probably explained why Daddy took the seat at the White House, posing beside a gleaming President Obama.

Hi Mr President!

Next up is the sports arena. Aussie sports fans would love the sports stars on display.

Meet Mark Webber, Red Bull F1 Driver

Let's play

We decided to give Aussie sports like Crickets and golf a try.


Rock star
Next up are the musical stars.


Beside Michael and Justin, there are Aussie stars like Kylie Minogue and Michael Hutchene of INXS.
We were more engrossed in rocking out than to be starry eyes.

Live to Rock!
The Workshop

Mdm Tussad
We were led to a workshop where unfinished statues of stars awaits. Even in this unfinished stage, the wax work looks uncannily realistic.

Meet Will Smith
MAD Science
Albert Estein
Next up is a small section on science anchored by Mr Estein. We love his hair.


TV Stars
Movie stars
Further in, we entered the television stars' chambers. Here you get to see a host of tv personalities. We could not identify some of them but we think they are Australia stars.

An Albert Hitchhock production

Mommy was screaming behind some shower curtains. We wonder why...

Feeling a little scared, we sought refuge from familiar heros. Meet Ironman and Wolverine.

I even get to try on Wolverine claws for good measures.

Movie Stars

Movie Stars
The last section was the movie stars chamber. We spotted Mr Chan there.

Jackie Chan
Didi decided he wanted to be Crocodile Dundee and promptly chosen his croc to tame.

Crocodile 'Lou' Dundee
Within an hour or so of poses with the famous stars, we decided to hitch a ride back to the hotel with E.T.

It was an enjoyable trip full of photo opportunities aplenty with the stars. This is probably the only place in town where you can see so many stars at one place and to be able to take a photo with them.
If you are a tv/movie or political fan, you should not miss Mdm Tussads. We recommend getting combo tickets to nearby attractions such as Sydney Sealife Aquarium and Sydney Wild-life zoo to complete the Darling Harbour trio of attractions.

The Little Details
Madame Tussauds Sydney
1-5 Wheat Road, Darling Harbour
Sydney , NSW Australia
Opens 7 Day, 9am-8pm

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