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My First Skool Child Abuse : Why it should be condemn.

With a heavy heart, I spotted this news on my timeline a few hours ago. 

As a Father, it pains the heart to see child abuse. Thoughts often race through the mind.

" What if this child is mine?"" Are my sons safe in the current school?"" Is this common in preschools?"

The abuse itself is one to be condemned. A toddler should not be subjected to this abuse no matter what he or she may have done or said. At the age of 3, they are still learning what is right and wrong. As an educator who shape the young child's mind, with her reactions and intention, it is both shocking and appalling. With educators as abusers, what values can they impart on the child?
In a matter of hours, it is reported on channelnewsasia that the teacher had been arrested on this incident. The news was earlier reported on 938LIVE.

"The boy's mother told 938LIVE she was informed by the staff of the centre while she was at work that her child was complaining of pain and that he had had a fall.
At the KK Women's and Children's Hospital, doctors confirmed the boy has a hairline fracture in his shin.
When the parents returned to the pre-school centre, they demanded to see the CCTV recording of the classroom, following which they filed a police report."-Source 938LIVE
From the sequence of events, there are more disturbing observations
  • The centre tried to cover up by stating that the child had a fall.
  • The other teachers from the same class do not show surprise at the incident and did not protect the boy from the main abuser.
  • The other children do not seem to be affected by the abuse, implying that such abuse may have taken place before prior to this discovery.
  • From the comments made online, most are against this act. There are some who actually blame the child for this and concluded the teacher reaction is fair if the child is the one who triggers it.
If the above is true, there would mean more people should be made accountable for that incident and it may not be one-off as implicated. The other teachers in the class and those trying to cover this up are just as guilty, if they have knowledge of this abuse and choose not to report it. In addition, those who commented that it is the child's fault should relook into their own values. This is a 3-year-old child, not one who is in his teens. REGARDLESS such action should not condone or justified. No one has a right to abuse another, child or otherwise!

As a parent, it is hard to accept such abuses. As earlier mention, it could happen to one of my own. We wish the child a speedy recovery. May justice prevail in this incident.

On a comforting note, we have been blessed with good pre-school teachers for our brood. For that we are thankful. Let's not allow one bad apple to spoil the many good deeds preschool teachers had done for your children.
The following videos are from the parents. I do not think it is wise to make public evidence that is to be used in a possible court case. The mantra innocence unless proven guilty still applies. Nevertheless, these videos are now viral and it is good for the public to know that such incidents do exist.
Viewer warning: Some may find the videos disturbing. Contains graphic visual and language.

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  1. After this abuse news happened, all the cctvs in all branches were removed, and parents were told to have mutual trust to all staff in their various branches and if any negatives happened, preschoolers are the victims. If can, it will be good to put kids in preschool with cctvs installed.


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