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Take a Flight of Fancy at the Gardens by the Bay

Flight of Fancy
Letter to a friend, far far away
Inspired by the Flight of Fancy, we decided to pen a letter to a friend.

Dearest Friend
Today we visit  Gardens By the Bay to take a Flight of Fancy.

Entrance to GBTB

You might be wondering how are we going to take a flight?
Gardens by the Bay has a new floral display called Flight of Fancy.

Flights of Fancy @ The Flower Dome
Flight of Fancy
For the first time , the floral display will be extended to both domes. Drawing inspirations from the movie "Up" , hot air ballons are aplenty in the Flower Dome and the Cloud Forest.

Take me away to that special place
We were all amazed with the hot air balloon. Perhaps we could take one of them to visit you. We kept asking Daddy if these balloons could fly.

Fly me to the Moon
If you love flowers, you would love the Flower Dome. Beds of pretty flowers greets you at every turns and corners.

Don't forget your camera and your marco lens. We were told close up pictures of flowers tend to be more beautiful than one from afar. Take a peek at these and I am sure you will agree.

There are lots more of these found at our Facebook page. Do drop in and take closer look.

Flight of Fancy
We spotted a few aeroplanes . We wish we could be whizz away to be with you my friend.

Balloon Thrones
Perhaps we could float away in our balloon thrones instead.

Take me Away
On the way we spotted a pair of bears. It seems that they are all set to fly away.
We always love the Flower Dome. An enclose area that smells crisp and free from the smog outside. This is the perfect haze free place to be close to nature.

Winds of Change
Cloud Forest
Fly away
Now my friend, there is an even better place to view the hot air balloons. Let me bring you to the perfect viewing spot among the clouds.

To the Sky
This is the place we call the Cloud Forest. It is also the first time a floral theme had been expanded into the Cloud Forest.

Moth Orchids
The Moth Orchids made a special appearance . Watch them take flight in the cloud forest.

We spotted another mode of transport in the cloud forest. Our favourite Choo Choo trains. If we fail to fly to you, we would love to take a long train ride to meet and say hi to you.
In the meantime, let me bring you to the Lost Garden, where ancient plants awaits us.
Lost Garden
Beware of the Venus Fly Trap!
Venus fly trap

Take a peek down the Cloud Walk bridge, and you may spot an crocodile in the secret garden below.

The flowers may not be as vivid as the ones at the flower dome, but they still make a pretty sight.
Cloud Forest Flowers
Take care while you are at the secret garden where Bats awaits. Halloween is a few months away but the Bats are there for a reason. They help to to pollinate the gardens so more flowers could blossom.

Look up and you may spot a mist. Not to worry, the haze has not reach the Cloud Forest as it is enclosed. These mist are but the clouds you will see in the Cloud Forest and hence its name.
Smoke Free, it adds a certain allure to the secret gardens
Mist over Forest

Kid's Fun @ GBTB

To make our trip more entertaining, Mommy prepared an excursion pack for us.
Our Task
We were assigned 10 task to complete in the domes. We had to find and identity flowers, draw our favourite flowers, name the plants among other activities. In face we love it so much that we asked Mommy to add another 10 more tasks while we were at GBTB.
Tasks for us!
It was an enjoyable 3 hours at the gardens. We do suggest having some simple activities for kids plan for a trip to the Gardens. That way, they would be more engaged during the visit.
Thanks Mommy for making this trip a little extra special for us.

Have you been to Gardens By the Bay?
GBTB recently celebrates its one year anniversary and had already 5 million guest walking through it's lush gardens over the past 1 year.

Just in case you would like to visit, here are some Little Details you should know.

Gardens by The Bay
18 Marina Gardens Drive
Singapore 018953
3 June-21 July

If you do visit, we hope you would have as much fun as we had.

Your Friends
The Wacky Duo

Letter to Friend

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