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Shine with 3M Polarizing Light LED 6000

3M LED6000

A Bright Start
Night falls, and it's time for homework.

I often do homework at night. The task is done on my desk. I have been relying on the room lights all these times to do our work. While functional, it does not provide enough light to read. More often. In the long run, relying on just room lights may be insufficient. In fact, it may harm the eyes as I strain to read under inadequate lights.

Since primary school beckons next year, my parents thought it would be time to invest in a suitable table lamp. To our delight, 3M had decided to sponsor their latest polarizing light LED 6000 for our use and review.

About 3M Polarizing Light LED6000

If you have been using traditional table lamps often, they emit heat and tend to have harsh light. Both cause discomfort during prolonged hours of use. The 3M Air Guiding Technology, the light chamber emits an evenly distributed light that reduces glare to make reading more comfortable.

With the LED6000, heat dissipation is efficiently enhanced by the innovative ventilation design. The LED6000 has ventilation holes on both the top and the base, corresponding with the heat source. This means that heat would be efficiently ventilated out from the top housing. As a result, the unit remains cool to the touch even after an hour of use.
Ventilated holes
Furthermore, using LED instead of traditional light bulbs makes the lamp safer for home use. It is mercury free, removes ultraviolet rays and makes it less breakable. In addition, it is flicker and flash-free and thus provides a safe and conducive environment for kids like me.

Benefits and Features
  • Anti-Glare
The anti-glare feature reduces eye strain and is most beneficial for kids my age.
  • Anti-Electromagnetic Interference
It minimises electromagnetic interference. This means that Ipad and smartphones will not be disrupted by their use.
  • Eliminate the multi-shadow effect.
No more shadow play as it eliminates multi-shadowing from different light sources.
  • Enjoy Cost Savings
Compared to the traditional lamps that use 23-27 W, a 3.6W to 12W usage would save the family cost in the long run. Of course, more savings would mean more toys for me!
  • Touch Dimmer
5 Different Brightness
The LED 6000 allows 5 different brightness levels to be adjusted with one touch. It is so easy to operate, even for a 6-year-old kid.
  • Flexible Adjustment
Given our tight space, a lamp head that can adjust in any direction is a blessing, allowing me to position it according to my space needs. In addition, it is highly portable when folded, making storage and transportation a breeze.

Available in Green and White, the LED 6000 is a sleek and classy addition to any child's room.
We tested how the 3M works vs normal light conditions. The LED6000 provides an even reading source for comfortable reading.
Light Test
A table lamp is necessary for night work in most instances. Not only it provides essential lighting, but it also provides comfort and reduces strain on our previous eyes. The 3M Polarizing Light LED 6000 goes one up. It does it functionally, efficiently and stylishly to boot. When folded, the 3M is highly portable and easily stored.
Stylish and Portable
Head down to Best Denki, Homefix DIY, Popular Bookstores, UrbanWrite, Prologue and other leading retailers to get a piece of it. Retails at $269 w GST.

Besides White & Lime Green, 3M will also release a new PINK version LED6000, which will be available in the market from 22 July 2013 onwards.
3M Polarizing Light Promotions
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