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Sydney Fish Market : Seafood Galore!

View from Meriton World Tower
"Let's go to a fish market! "

When Daddy made this preposition, we were perplexed. We are suppose to be on a holiday, where theme parks, playgrounds and attractions await... Not to a market to shop for fish!

Sydney Fish Market via the Light Rail
Getting there
The Sydney Fish market (SFM)is located at Bank Street Pyrmont. We took the Metro Light Rail from the convention stop at Darling Harbour to the Fish Market Stop. Tickets for the light rail are available on board. It was a quick 10 minutes ride to the SFM. Most shops are open at 7am to afternoon at 4-5pm. Be there early to beat the crowds.

Sydney Fish Market
We were there early at 10am. SFM is just located opposite the light rail station.

Walk to the Fish Market
The place was not as crowded as we expect. We did a quick stroll through the shops.

Inside SGM
There are a few shops to explore. Bigger ones are Peter's fish market and Nicholas Seafoods.

Meet Peter

And his lookalike...

Peter's lookalike
Fresh seafood are aplenty in this place. You can buy them back to cook or get them cook on the spot. Ready prepared seafood platters are available.

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Lobsters, crabs and oysters anyone?

Rows of shellfish
Fresh catch are available as well

Fresh seafood
If you are a fruit lover, there is a whole stall located at the end of the market for fresh juicy apples and stuff.

Fruits galore
Along the way we saw scores of yummy looking seafood.

We quickly found out that we are here to enjoy the fresh seafood. With the cool weather, it is recommended you have your meals outdoor!

Bright and sunny
There are rows of tables outside SFM, next to the pier for you to enjoy the seafood. We were told the boardwalk will be up for an upgrade this August.

Boardwalk dining
We ordered fish and chips as well as a seafood platter

Ready to eat!
The cheese lobsters and oysters are a must try for Seafood lovers!

Seafood Platter
The seafood was deliciously fresh.

Eating by the pier does up the 'shiok' factor as you soak up the atmosphere outdoors.
Fish and chips
Beware of the seagulls, they will swoop in for a bite if given a chance.

Beware of Seagulls
We had to put on our fiercest face to 'shoo' them away.

Beware of the Wackies as well!
The view is amazing, dining by the pier is something we would not be able to do back in Singapore. The cool weather, clear blue skies , smell of the sea and views of ships all combine to give a great atmosphere.
Pier view
Head down to Sydney Fish Market for the fresh seafood and al fresco pierside dining. It is an experience one would savour for a day out in Sydney!
And the catch of the day?
A pair of Koalas courtesy of Grandpa in our favourite yellow and green fom SFM. Thanks Grandpa!

Sydney Fish market is part of our escapade for our holidays in Sydney. Check out more Sydney holidays ideas by clicking the picture below!


  1. This is certainly a mouth watering post!
    Am planning a trip there too and want to spend half a day there. Would you recommend to go there first half or second half of the day? Did it get really crowded?

    1. We were there on Sunday morning. Not too bad. The crowd gets bigger after 11, so morning should be a better option


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