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Images of Singapore - A Past unfolds

Images of Singapore
By now you would have read about our $100 Sentosa trip for a family of 4.If you have not, here is the link... Sentosa for less than $100

Images of Singapore has not been on our radar of places to explore. As a result of the rain in Sentosa, we had landed onto this venue as our wet weather programme.

Images of Singapore is located at Imbiah Lookout. Opened in 1983 as the Pioneers of Singapore & Surrendder Chambers museum, it had since been renovated in 2005 to house it's current exhibit

Four winds trading office

Four Winds Trading Office
Step into the museum, we were greeted by an office - The Four Winds Trading Office. It is actually a waiting room in disguise for entrance to the Four Winds of Singapore multi screen special effects show.

Four winds of Singapore
This is a rather interesting short show with special effects such as winds, talking models on tv, lights. I was not quite paying attention to what they said, but I like the effects they have in the show. With that my interest in the rest of the attraction was stroke by this show. Maybe we will get to see more lasers on the latter part.

Four Winds of Singapore
Singapore adventure

Sir Stamford Raffles
Next up we step into the 2 levels Singapore adventure. We were greeted by lifelike looking Sir Stamford signing a treaty with the then rulers of Singapore.

Singapore adventure
Along the way, we were greeted by scenes of early Singapore in the 1800s and early 1900s. There were coolies, rich shaw pullers, Samsui women and many more. I learned how people lived in the past and was quite intrigued with the exhibits.
The exhibits were divided into the warehouse, jungle, harbour and street section. I must say some of the people on display look a little too realistic.

As for Didi, he is a little terrified by the exhibits. It does not help that it was a tad dark and eerie noises were heard on the background. To be honest, I don't think I would dare to spend the night here.

The exhibit makes an abrupt jump from the 1900s to a brief war Zone and behold the nation is born . We were a little confused when we pass through the exhibit. It is quite strong on the historical site but we were transported too fast into the modern world.

In addition, we were hoping to see some founding founders of modern Singapore but could not spot anyone familiar except for the Merlion.

Thru the years
Singapore celebrates

Festivals of Singapore
Leaving the past behind, we arrive at the Singapore Celebrates section.

Multi racial
This is where we were greeted by sights of the different cultural weddings and the different festivals celebrated in Singapore

Overall it was a visual feast and candy for the eyes. We do feel that the experience would be better for kids if the exhibits are interactive...

Old sign
Er no, we do not mean the statues to start moving and talking. That would up the scary quotient of the exhibits. However there could be interactive things like manual control lights or little workstations for us to experiment games from the past.

Fire walker
We were greeted by static display with the occasion effect such such firecrackers popping, subtle smells of incense and the aroma of various herbs and spices.

Lion dance
We spotted something familiar. Steamboat for reunion dinner. Something that our family has been practicing for the last few years.

Reunion dinner
We also get to explore the interiors of different houses such as the 5 foot way

5 foot way
And the attap houses on display.

There was even a realistic wayang setting that is a rare sight in modern Singapore.

Chinese Wayang
Overall it was an educational trip for us. We get to see glimpse of the past that otherwise would be lost in this modern world. The Images of Singapore would probably be more suited for older kids. It would be a great place to visit for a history lesson on Singapore for the young ones. The adults would probably appreciate the realistic portrayal of Singapore in the past.

It isn't over yet!
Oh we are not done yet. The end of the exhibit shows modern Singapore. It's a huge room, but it is more like a ok rather than a wow.

Welcome to modern Simgapore
Check out the various artifacts from our local festivals here

The Images of Singapore is an award winning exhibit having won the prestigious Thea award for "Best Reinvention of a Cultural Heritage Center" in 2006. For that it is worth a visit.There is a restaurant and a souvenir shop located at the exit for the hungry ones who loves shopping!

The little details
Admission charges
Adult : $10 Child : $7 (3-12 years old)

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