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Sydney SEA LIFE Aquarium : Review

The Sydney adventures continues with a review of Sydney Sea Life Aquarium. This is the final attractions we visited at Darling Harbour. TheSea life Aquarium forms part of the trio of attractions managed by Merlin. The other two are the Sydney Wild Life and Madame Tussads Sydney.

Map is SydneySea life
The Sydney Sea life Aquarium is much bigger than what you see on the outside. It is probably the biggest attraction amongst the three located in the vicinity. Located in the heart of Sydney, it is found onn the eastern side of Darling Harbour, next to Pier 26.
Beautiful sea dragon
Being fans of aquarium, we took the combo package with the Sealife included. We were greeted by a Sea Dragon near the entrance which piqued our interest for the rest of the journey. Do you know that the Sea Dragons are found at the Darling Harbour waters?
Bay of Rays
The next exhibitions that caught our fancy is the Bay of Rays. Home to Australian rays of various colors and sizes, this Hawaiian theme exhibit is a hit with visitors.
Interactive wall panels
We were intrigued witht the technology in the aquarium. The wall panels with information are interactive which allows you to see pictures and videos of the selected species. Cool...
We spotted crabs that were as big as us.
Name the fish!
In addition we were treated to close encounters with eels, jellyfishes, lungfishes and pengiuns along the way. We were most fascinated with the octopus, whom we were told are the most intelligent animals in the sea.
The most intelligent animal in the sea
So I guess we met our match?
Shark tunnel
The Dugong Island is another tunnel next to the sharks. The Dugongs, Pig and Wuru, are a pair of rare Dugongs exhibit around the world.
Do you know that Dugongs may be the cause of the mermaid myth?
From afar, their smiling faces rresembles a human form. We are just unsure how the hair came about from an up close view.
Say hi
Halfway through at the Dugong Island is a little children corner to take a break.
Searching for bones
There are no playground here but a little excavation site for the little ones to discover prehistoric fishes.
Litters in the sea
The next exhibit remindedus why we should not dump litter into the sea. The sea spawns a huge variety of life and should not be considered a wasteland of any form. So the next time you are on a beach, remember to take the trash back when you leave.

The exhibit that fascinates us most would be the shark walk and shark valley. We were impressed with the clarity of water over the tunnel. You can actually see the sharks in full details here!
Shark ahead!
This made us felt immersed in the ocean, swimming with the sharks overhead. This is probably where we spend the most time in, 'oohing and ahing' at everything in sight.
Prince of Athens
There was also a touch pool on site for starfish lovers.
Touch pool
We had fun just counting the number of star fishes we spotted. Yeah we may be Wacky, but we are easily contended.
Star fish
The Sea Life aquarium also houses the Great Barrier Reef exhibit that holds 2 million liters of water! You don't need to go to the Great Barrier Reef to experience it when you can do so in the aquarium!
Colorful exhibit
There is an all glass enclosure towards the end of the exhibit. Step on it and you would be transported to the depth of the ocean in this 360 degree all glass enclosure.
We reckon this will make a great afternoon outing while you are in Sydney. The aquarium is on par with the ones we saw with a few additional surprises. It should be on the itinerary when you are in Sydney for a holiday.
Fish or butterfly?
The Little DetailsSydney Sea Life AquariumDarling Harbour , Sydney Opens 9am to 8pm daily
Don't forget the gift shop!
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