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Sydney Tower Eye : Review from the sky

Spot the Sydney Tower Eye
Want to see Sydney in 30 Mins?

Given that we are only at Sydney for a week, to view most of Sydney in a week is almost not possible... but it is not impossible!

Save for a helicopter ride. the next best thing to do is to visit Sydney Tower Eye. It's a breeze to walk to the Tower Eye via Hype Park from Meriton World Tower, our home for the week in Sydney.

Located in the midst of City Center, Sydney Tower Eye is a place you can pop in during your shopping spree. Located within walking distance to QVB, it is within the shopping belt of Sydney.

If you ever get lost looking for it, just look up in the sky!

Let's climb up there!
The tower stands at 304M. It is not the tallest in the world. but given Sydney flat terrain, it towers all the surrounding building and is the tallest structure in Sydney.

As tall as me!
Before we proceed to the top, we were lead to a 4D Cinema Experience that runs every 5 minutes.

4D Cinema Experience
It is a great way to get introduce to Sydney.

See Syney in 30 minutes!
We were lucky that day and caught a rainbow over the skyline of Sydney. Interestingly the light outside the rainbow is darker than those within. Does anyone have a clue why?
Rainbow over Sydney

You can see most of Sydney at the Sydney Tower Eye. On a bright clear day, you may even catch a glimpse of Blue Mountain.
Darling Harbour
The iconic Sydney Opera House is block by some buildings, but you still can see the harbour bridge from afar.
Harbour bridge
If you are someone who likes to see the most attraction in the shortest time possible, Sydney Tower Eye will be a safe bet.
Hype Park
Let us take you round the tower in less than 2 minutes...
For a closer look, check out the free binoculars.
Free bino

For those more adventurous, you can try the skywalk which will bring you outdoors, 268m up in the sky.
Sydney Tower Eye is not exactly a place meant for kids. We got through the sights in a mere half an hour. Lucky for us they have a mini corner for kids for us to indulge in while the adults go about looking at the awesome views.
Building Blocks
We wasted no time in building our creations from our memories in Sydney.
'Harbour Bridge'
It is no surprise we choose the Harbour Bridge and the Sydney Opera House as our models.
Sydney Opera House

We would recommend the Sydney Tower Eye as part of the combo deals you can get incorporating the Sydney Tower Eye, Wild Life Sydney, Sydney Aquarium and Madame Tussad. It would be worthwhile as the average cost will be about $16 per attraction for adult.

The Sydney Tower Eye is located at Westfield Central. It is open 7 days a week from 9am to 1030 pm.
Sydney Tower Eye
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